Tuesday, April 9, 2013

When Frames Attack

During a deployment everyone talks about Murphy's Law; anything that can go wrong, will go wrong. My list isn't too bad so far. In February my heat broke for 72 hours. Now in Georgia this wouldn't be a big deal, but this is Fort Drum and it is really freaking cold in February. My dishwasher broke and most recently the circuit to my bedroom lights is busted. I've changed the light bulbs and flipped the circuit breaker multiple times, but nada. I should just call maintenance, but that would mean cleaning my bedroom. Eh, I can live in the dark for a few more days. 

Things can also seem a lot scarier during deployment. A few weeks ago I posted about this gorgeous painting I had commissioned for Lane's birthday. I was happy as a clam and hung the pretty thing up in my dining room. Well at about 2:00 AM that night I wake up to breaking glass. 
Now my first thought is "%$%#& someone is breaking into my house". I go downstairs (ok I grab the shotgun first and then go downstairs) to see what is happening. Asha wasn't making a peep so I immediately started to doubt that someone was actually breaking in. It turns out that the hook on the back of the frame came completely detached. This caused the whole darn thing to come crashing to the ground. I called Michaels (where I bought the frame) and told them what happened. Luckily Michaels was very apologetic and let me get the painting custom framed with a significant discount. There might have been some theatrics over the fear associated with waking up to shattering glass while your husband is deployed.

I am hoping that I am spared too many more dramatic events in this deployment. I would love to hear y'all's stories of Murphy's Law. 


  1. This painting is GORGEOUS love!! I love it and it just screams you and your beautiful family!!!

    Sorry things have been freakish for you, but 1) I'm glad you have a shotgun LOL and 2) You're becoming more independent and ball-sy. I'm sure Lane will appreciate that when he comes home :)


  2. I am always on pins and needles when my husband is gone/deployed! I probably would have jumped out of my skin. I'm impressed that you grabbed your gun and went to investigate.

    Thankfully, nothing major has gone wrong while he's been gone. (My fear was getting a flat on a busy road, but it has yet to happen - knock on wood!) When he was in Basic, a pipe burst in the apartment above mine, so my apartment flooded. It wouldn't have been a huge deal except that the apartment people were so unhelpful. They unplugged our tv (where the internet hook-up was!) and moved my TV stand, permanently bending the legs. When I complained, they basically blew me off and were really rude. I was steaming mad. I'm really glad nothing worse has happened and that I don't live there any more!

  3. First of all that painting is amazing! Love it!

    thankfully the worst I've had to deal with since SoldierMan left is the husky swallowing a rope. and that turned out fine, just expensive. oh, and I learned how to jumpstart my car. :)


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