Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Unexpected Sweetness

I attended an FRG coffee last night that included the sweetest idea. The hostess (without letting us know) e-mailed our husbands a list of questions about us. Now all of these guys are deployed, so they had to e-mail her the answers back before our coffee last night. Then at the coffee we played a version of the newlywed game, just with our husbands 6,500 miles away. We tried to match our husband's responses to the questions.
 Some of the guys' answers were hilarious, some were totally off base but all of them were adorable. It was the most unexpected surprise to get to hear what our husband think about us. I absolutely love this idea, and think it would make the perfect activity for an FRG coffee, bachelorette party or other event.

So here are the questions, and my clever husband's and my own answers.

1. Where did you meet?
His answer: High school English class
My Answer: High school in sophomore English class

2. What color are her eyes
His answer: Blue
My answer: Blue

3. What is her favorite candy?
His answer: Peppermint patty
My answer: York peppermint patty (Clearly knowing the candy questions is of utmost importance)

4. What is her favorite color 
His answer: Purple 
My answer: Blue 

5. What piece of jewelry would she most like to receive?
His answer: Necklace
My answer: Necklace

6. What would she say is her best feature? 
His answer: her sense of humor 
My answer: my work ethic 

7. Who is her hero or person she admires most, living or dead? 
His answer: Her grandmother Lulu 
My answer: No idea who he would pick for this (this is actually the perfect answer and I am very touched that he knew this)

8. What is the best vacation you have taken together? 
His answer: Block leave to Virginia last summer 
My answer: Scotland 

9. If your wife won the lottery, what would she do with the money? 
His answer: Take a vacation, get her PhD, and save for our kids 
My answer: Pay off our student loans and go on vacation 

Hearing his answers was wonderful. It felt great to know that at some point he was sitting at his desk in Afghanistan, thinking about me and doing his part to make sure we had a great night. 


  1. How freakin sweet! Love this idea!!

  2. I love those sweet surprises! That was a great idea!!

  3. Loooove that! What a great idea. :)

  4. What a great idea! I've never heard of doing this deployment, but it's genius. I might be stealing this idea later.

  5. That is the sweetest idea ever. I'm so glad you like your FRG!


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