Tuesday, April 16, 2013



Yesterday was the first truly gorgeous day we've had in the North Country. I came home from a wonderful hour at the dog park to news of the bombs at the Boston Marathon. Suddenly the day didn't seem so gorgeous.
 I think everyone is tired of tragedies taking up the news. The same fear every time. The instant flipping through of everyone you know who lives in the city facing the current horror. My aunt teaches in Newtown Connecticut, and my cousins live in Boston with their two children. I have been lucky both times that none of them were hurt. But other people's families are hurt. I don't know what to say or do, but I wanted to include a few ways people can help. 

1. Give blood
The Red Cross is always looking for blood donors. I heard they have enough in Boston, but you can always donate to help out others in need. Find out how and where here. I will be giving blood on Saturday at the mall in Watertown. 

2. If you live in Boston and can offer people somewhere to stay go here

3. Donate to the Salvation Army. 
They send in trucks with food and counseling services to areas in crisis. Find out how here

I will be praying and thinking about everyone affected by this recent attack. 

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  1. Thanks for giving us helpful hints for things we can do from afar! Such a sad tragedy for more innocent people than we can imagine :( Makes me scared and angry. Must keep faith though and continue to send them prayers at all times!



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