Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Home Sweet Home

The last few months of Columbus living have been marked by unpacked boxes and living out of random bags. Although I have some great friends down here, I can't say that this apartment really feels like home. When I first arrived in October there was not a single piece of furniture in the whole place. The boys had been living with just a few dishes and sleeping pads for beds. I have quickly accumulated a dining room table and a few other items, but it looks a lot like a college dorm. 

This is one reason I am so excited for the pcs to Fort Drum. Despite the cold and snow, this will be the first place where we can actually make a home together. Something that in our eight years together we have never had. In celebration of the upcoming move, here are some of my favorite homey crafts. I plan to do most of these in our new place. 

Source: http://kayladanelle.blogspot.com

I love the idea of keeping track of all the places we will live and the cities that mean the most to us. I would of course include Indiana ( where we met), Georgia ( where I am from and where we live now), Virginia ( where I went to grad school and where husband is from).

Source: http://www.younghouselove.com
This is another sweet idea for anyone who moves on a regular basis. You just keep a copy of the key from each home and display them in a shadow box. I have the key from my house in Arlington ( where we got engaged), and will hold onto the key from the house here in Columbus. 

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Source: www.marthastewartweddings.com
I love maps for matting pictures. I try to grab a free map from any city I visit with the hopes of doing something like this. This would be great in a gallery style with all different maps from your travels. 

I can't wait to start to decorate after the move. I would rather think about framing pictures than the mountains of furniture and boxes that have to be moved across the entire eastern seaboard. 

Monday, January 30, 2012

My Little World

I have been living in Columbus, Georgia since October with this wonderful man.

Source- My Own Photo 

He left for Ranger School a few weeks after the wedding ( yeah still waiting on the honeymoon) and I moved down while he was gone. Fort Benning is not quite as bad I thought it would be, but I am very excited to get our PCS to Fort Drum started. Despite all the negative things I have heard about the frozen north, I can't wait to actually have our own place. All of our stuff has been in boxes and it is making me a little crazy. I can't wait to decorate, finish buying furniture, and start our lives together.

One of my favorite parts to read on anyone's blog is how they met their significant other. Husband and I met in boarding school when we were about fifteen years old. We were in the same English class as well as both on the fencing team. Quite a nerdy beginning, I know. We started dating our sophomore year and continued through graduation. He went to school overseas, while I came back to Georgia. We broke up for a few months during first semester, but were back together by Christmas. We have been going strong since then and finally got married in September of 2011, almost exactly eight years since we first met.

Source: I Love You Much Photography
He commissioned in the Army in May 2011. We are just starting on our military experience, but I have loved (mostly) every minute so far.

Sunday, January 29, 2012

Hello World

After years of following countless blogs, I have decided to finally start my own. I love getting a peek into people's lives as well as providing my family with a way to follow my new adventures. So hello. I am Molly, a 20-something woman with a deep love of books and travel. I got married in September 2011 to a wonderful man who is a soldier in the U.S Army. We are currently living in Georgia, but will soon be moving to Fort Drum, New York. I am so excited to start this new adventure and hope this blog is a way to document all the upcoming changes.
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