Friday, April 19, 2013

High Five for 1/3

Happy Friday Y'all!
This week flew by so quickly. I love feeling time start to speed up a little bit. After the eternity that was January/February the last two months have sped on by. I am excited to get to May and my trip home!

To celebrate Friday joy, I am linking up with Lauren at her newly renamed blog Lauren Elizabeth .

1. High Five for 1/3 of deployment done. I have so many awesome milestones coming up. We will hit 100 days, then it's only a hop skip and a jump to 50% done. Ah the sweet feeling of progress. 

2. High Five for sleepy puppies. We have had a few days of gorgeous weather and multiple trips to the dog park have been the norm. This results in a very sleepy Asha, which I love. She normally is a little fussy right when we get home, but then passes out.

3. High Five for busy days at work. I have been booked solid every single day. I have at least five advising appointments during my shift, and that doesn't include responding to calls, e-mails and other small tasks throughout the day. I still gotta say, I doubt any job will ever feel as good as getting soldiers through college classes. 

4. High Five for gorgeous evening walks while I chat with my mom on the phone. I so hope this nice weather hangs around. It gets cool as the sun goes down, but the walks are absolutely perfect.

5. High Five for late nights with other army spouses talking about deployments, babies, moving and just about everything. I have a truly awesome group of women up here.

Hope you're having a wonderful Friday =) 

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  1. Hope you have a great weekend!
    Stop by some time


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