Friday, April 5, 2013

Favorite Natural Remedies

I have always been a little bit leery over using too many chemicals in products for both my body and my house. Over the years I have found a few that I absolutely love. 


I have really dry skin. I also have mild keratosis pilaris on my upper arms. I have tried countless prescription lotions to soften my rough skin. Nothing ever worked until I started using Shea butter. Lots of lotions contain Shea butter, but I get the best results from just 100% pure Shea  It is a little bit pricier than regular lotion, but since nothing else has ever worked, it's worth it for me. I added almond oil to my routine earlier this year. It is a little greasy, but I put it on right after the shower and let me skin absorb it for about fifteen minutes before I get dressed. I use the oil in the morning, and then the Shea butter before I go to sleep. The combination of the two has given me the softest skin of my life. Also, putting on almond oil right after I shave my legs makes my skin feel amazing. 

Sore Throat 

This the best cure ever for sore throats. I simply pour out roughly a tablespoon of honey and shake some cinnamon on top. Then just swallow. Sometimes it can be a little sticky going down, so I just follow it up with a gulp of tea. Honey and cinnamon are apparently cures for almost anything. I have seen articles prescribing it for indigestion, headaches, weight lose, and preventing heart disease. I'm not a doctor, so I have no idea if it actually works for all of those ailments. I've used it for sore throats for a while, and I always see an improvement. ( Again, I am NOT a doctor so I make no claims that this will work for you) 

House Keeping 
Mrs. Meyers
I am a huge fan of Mrs. Meyers products. They smell amazing. They get my laundry, dishes, and floors clean without using harsh chemicals. I love that their website lists the ingredients for every product. They also break down exactly where they come from and what they do. My absolute favorites are; the honeysuckle dish and hand soap, the lavender all purpose cleaner, and the lavender laundry detergent. Our washing machine sees some pretty dirty ACU's and this stuff does the trick. It also leaves a wonderful light scent. 

Do y'all have any go-to natural remedies for ailments or cleaning? I would love to hear your suggestions. 


  1. I hadn't heard about honey and cinnamon helping a sore throat, but I believe it - honey has magical healing powers! Last summer I heard that getting local honey (like made locally from local bees) can help with allergies. I bought some from a farmer's market. I'm not sure if it made a difference, but it tasted great!

  2. I need to try that Mrs. Meyers stuff! I bought some handsoap recently and I'm in love!

  3. It was always a treat when my mom would give us a spoonful of honey! :) Whenever I have a bad sore throat I make a tea with honey and lemon juice. We call it our special honey-lemon elixir.


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