Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Valentines Headband

 Hello blogging world =) Next week my friend and I are hosting a DIY Valentine's Party to make valentines to send overseas to our husbands and friends. I have been crafting up a storm, and today I wanted to share one of my creations. 
I wanted to create some sort of head piece for the party. We are encouraging everyone to wear red and pink Valentine's themed outfits. Here is the original pin. It is a girls' headbands, but is sadly no longer available at The Gap. However, it is so easy that I encourage y'all to make your own. 
heart headband :: love the sequins!
On Pinterest  Originally From Gap (sold out)

And my creation: 

I made this with a sparkly gold headband from the PX and a glittery heart from the dollar bargain section at Target. I just used hot glue to attach the heart to the headband. This was super easy, and I know it will look awesome in some of the fun themed photos we plan to take. 

I would model it, but I have some seriously gross post-gym hair. Anyway, everything looks much cuter on Asha. 

She was moderately annoyed 
I am linking up with Stephanie and Katie for Saw It, Pinned It, Did It. I love this link up because it actually forces me to go through with some of the thousands of pins I add every week (ok, slight exaggeration). 

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Have a wonderful week =) 

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Happy Birthday Blog

big balloons
On Pinterest (Original Source Wouldn't Load)
Today marks the first birthday of this little blog. I have read blogs for years, but it wasn't until January 29th 2012 that I finally decided to start my own. I have loved developing my little corner of the internet. I have met so many wonderful women through blogging, and their support over the last year has been invaluable. 

I guess this would be considered a lifestyle blog, but I am still figuring out exactly how much of myself I want to put out there. I have been brutally honest ( Deployment Day) as well as simply showing some of the pretty things I love. I'm not sure where I want this blog to go. I imagine that the things I have focused on; army life, DIY, pretty pictures, and of course Asha, will continue to be a huge part of my blog.

 I can't wait to blog about Lane's homecoming, all my DIY projects I accomplish during deployment, and everything else that will happen in 2013. With Lane's deployment, the army will be a huge part of my life for the next year. I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of the support from both my civilian readers, as well as the other military spouse ladies who inspire me everyday.  

So had an awesome giveaway planned for today. However, due to deployment craziness it isn't done yet. Maybe it will be a " I survived 1 Month of deployment giveaway". I am really excited to share it will y'all and hopefully I can get my act together soon. 

Thank you so much for all of the love that has been directed my way this year. Y'all are a wonderful group of women who make me smile, laugh, and feel intensely grateful that this blogging world exists.

Monday, January 28, 2013

Choose Happiness

After a week of below zero weather, Fort Drum has decided to bless us with slightly warmer temperatures. However, in the north country this is accompanied with serious amounts of snow. On the downside, the snow is horrible to drive in and a pain to shovel. On the upside, the bad weather caused my first two appointments to cancel today. I've never blogged at work before, but am thoroughly enjoying the experience.  

take charge
This has been my mantra since Lane left. If I depend on talking to him or getting an e-mail from him to be happy, I am up control over my own happiness. Of course, talking to my deployed husband makes me happy in a way that nothing else can. However, it is vitally important that I find other ways to choose happiness for myself. So here is a list of things I am choosing this week to make me happy. 

1. Planning a Valentine's Day Party for all the women with deployed spouses. I have had a blast buying fun decorations and items for the photo booth. 

2. 30 Rock. 
This will forever be known as the show that got me through the first part of deployment. I have watched five seasons in two weeks. No big deal. In my defense, when it is below zero for four days straight, leaving the house does not sound appealing. 

3. Going to the gym. 
I know that I need to set this habit now. Working out was always something Lane and I did together. Figuring out how I will schedule it now that I am solo has been a bit of a challenge. I feel so much better post workout, that I am trying to make a real effort to drag my booty there four to five days a week. 

4. Going to the library. 
There is something so soothing about walking through shelves of books. Even if I only check out one book, I love looking at all the possibilities. 

How are y'all choosing happiness this week? 

Saturday, January 26, 2013

Deployment Week One

I have been thinking for quite a while about how I wanted to mark the passage of time during this deployment. I have seen several different weekly features, and I've decided to combine a few of them into my Saturday post. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful that my husband is willing to stay up ridiculously late to talk to me online. Twice this week he has stayed in the USO till very late so we can actually talk. Y'all, this time zone thing is not convenient. 
2. I am so grateful for the internet. 
3. I am grateful for a job that I completely adore. 
4. I am grateful for calls, e-mails, and texts of support. Knowing that people are thinking about us and praying for Lane's safety means a lot.
5. I am grateful for my mother-in-law. She got me a gift certificate to a local spa so I can go get my nails done with a friend. 

DIY-ING It Through Deployment 

This week I decided to focus on the wall gallery in the living room. I knew that I wanted to replace one big painting with a gallery of smaller pictures. I cut a map into different sections and framed them. I included Indiana (where we met), Georgia (where I'm from), Virginia (where Lane's from) and New York. I also included my mod podge picture canvas and three of my paintings. I will definitely add more frames as time goes on.

Happy Picture

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Pre-Deployment Checklist

So Lane's gone. The whole departure process is sucky and painful, but I did learn a few things. I made this list over the past few weeks in case any other (equally terrified) military spouses come looking for help. This is the last of my pre-deployment posts, but I do plan on doing a weekly deployment check-in post starting this weekend.

Hope this list helps anyone currently facing a deployment

1. Understand that it is perfectly normal to want to fight A LOT right before he leaves. This didn't happen for Lane and I, but I have a ton of friends who couldn't understand why they couldn't stop fighting. If you go into it realizing that you are  predisposed to fight, it is easier to let stuff go. 

2.Make a list of all passwords and usernames for every account you can imagine. 

3. Get a general power attorney, a special power of attorney for army finance, and then an additional power of attorney for USAA. 

4. Take the car in for a complete tune-up 

5. For my squeamish readers, skip this one. Talk about having sperm frozen. If your husband gets blown up (god forbid) and can no longer do his part to have a baby, what are your plans. I was amazed at how many women didn't know that Tricare covers this. 

6. Give him your phone and have him schedule your calendar with random sweet messages throughout deployment. I hinted that I wanted this, but eventually just straight up told him to do it. 

7. Order new credit/debit cards that won't expire during deployment. 

8. Check on when your car's registration and insurance will expire. 

9. Give your parents (and his parents) all the contact information for a Red Cross Message. If something happens to you, they need to be able to contact him as well. 

10. Make sure you can login into MyPay. This is where you can see his LES and also get his W-2 for filing taxes.

Anyone else have suggestions for things you should do before deployment? I would love to add to this list for  future deployments and other military spouses. 

Canvas DIY

I have seen this DIY all over Pinterest and decided to give it a try. The idea is that you use mod podge to adhere a printed picture onto a canvas. I actually tried it a few weeks ago and it was a total failure. I tried to follow the directions, but it just bunched up and eventually ripped. I decided to give it another go, with significantly more mod podge on the back of the picture. I really like how this turned out. 
This is the picture I decided to use

Live It Out Photography
This is one of my favorite engagement pictures. We took our pictures around Georgetown and I still love looking at them 

DIY photo canvas
On Pinterest   Original Source
The steps are pretty easy. Some tutorials say use tissue paper, but I just printed my image on regular printer paper. After I printed out my picture, I covered the back of the paper in mod podge and pressed it onto the canvas. I then used a paint brush to spread mod podge evenly over the front of the image. 

I waited about fifteen minutes between coats and did four coats total. There were still some bumps, and it definitely wasn't perfect. But I am happy for a first attempt. 

I am going to paint in the white areas around the picture, but I am pretty happy with how it turned out. I would probably buy a slightly smaller canvas next time so I don't have the white borders. 

I am linking up with Stephanie and Kate for Saw It, Pinned It, Did It. Thanks to Stephanie and Kate for hosting such a fun link-up. 

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Wednesday Lovin

I am finally turning my focus away from deployment and returning to one of my favorite link-ups, What I Am Loving Wednesday with Jaime

1. I am loving all the incredible emails of support I have been getting from other bloggers about my husband's  deployment. Whether it was from other military spouses, or other wonderful women, I have been feeling the love and support. 

2. I am so grateful for internet. I have been able to stay positive by focusing on how many luxuries I have compared to military spouses of previous generations. Women in WWII sent their husbands overseas with no idea the next time they would see them. Years went by with no R&R or Skype. I have been able to chat with my husband a couple times since he left, and I am so thankful. So I am absolutely loving the internet. 

3. I am loving the Presidential Inauguration Parade. My high school and Virginia Military Institute (where Lane went to school) both marched in the parade. I loved seeing both of these places featured in the parade. I am proud of both of them! 

4. I am loving giant mugs of tea. They are my go to comfort, and I have been a tea drinking machine. My nightly ritual is to make a pot of tea, get on the couch with Asha, and watch an episode or two of 30 Rock. Not even a little bit exciting or glamorous, but very satisfying.

5. I am loving my husband. Even know we are thousands of miles apart, I feel so very lucky to be his wife. 

Monday, January 21, 2013

See You Later

The goal is to get through writing this post without crying. Not sure it will happen, but I will give it a go. At some point in the past few weeks (no dates will be mentioned) my husband left for Afghanistan. Now I have known this deployment was coming for a year. However, the actual reality of watching them walk onto those buses was not something I think anyone can prepare for.

We woke up around 4:30, but I pretty much tossed and turned all night. I fell asleep wrapped around his arm, trying to soak in every second of time we still had together. We had two of his buddies staying with us, so the morning was pretty relaxed. We loaded the car and had breakfast together. I had a friend coming with me to take some pictures and be my emotional support. This may have been the best idea I have ever had.

Lane saying goodbye to Asha triggered my first sobbing mess of the day. I can only imagine how much worse that feeling would have been if we had children. We got in the car and headed over to Squadron. This was the most disorganized part of the day. There was some confusion as to where and when people were dropping off bags and picking up guns. We got it sorted and headed over to the second meeting spot around 07:00. This began the waiting. 

So I had never planned on staying around for this part. I thought it would be too hard and I would just want to go home. But once we got there, I couldn't leave. I wanted every single second just to look at his face. We spent the next hour and a half talking to friends and being together. The USO and FRG's had done an incredible job with toys for the kids and decorations. There were snacks and USO volunteers coming around to check on everyone. I can't say enough how wonderful the USO, Chaplains, and other staff were that morning.

They gave us a ten minute warning till the final manifest. This was the worst part. I have never had ten minutes go by so fast in my life. I just hugged him and told him over and over how much I loved him. I was proud of him and would be here waiting when he got back. (ok, officially crying while typing now). I really wanted to not cry, but that wasn't even a possibility at this point. I never totally lost it, but there were tears. Finally he had to go. He walked into the marked off area and waited for his name to be called. I just stared at him. I tried to memorize exactly how he looked and hold that for the next nine months. 

I heard his name and watched as he got in line to get on the buses. This part wasn't as difficult for me. After he got on the bus, I was much better. I think it helped that I couldn't see him through the window. Other spouses have described the buses pulling away as the worst part. For me, the worst part was the ten minute warning. It wasn't even the last second before he pulled away. It was knowing that I only had a few precious moments left with him.

The buses pulled out and we waved goodbye. S and I grabbed our stuff and left. I decided I wanted coffee, so we stopped at DD's on the way home. It felt like such a perfectly normal thing to do, even though the circumstances were far from normal. I did pretty well for the rest of the day. I watched a ton of 30 Rock and tried to get some house stuff done.

This is a pretty long post, but I hope it was helpful to anyone facing a deployment. I am (at the time I am writing this, not when this blog gets posted) 36 hours post him leaving, and I feel pretty good. I was sad today, but I was able to make a short to-do list and get it all done. I am trying to temper being completely selfish for the next few weeks with trying to take care of the other spouses around me. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

Break In Our Regularly Scheduled Depressing Posts

Ok, I have two more deployment related posts to go then the sad stuff will be over. Today is all about Valentine's Day cards. Even though I am husband-less this Valentine's Day, I have been perusing cards on Etsy. I ordered three so far. I actually plan on framing a few of these, but some will make their way to Afghanistan. 

DR WHO Letterpress Valentine
On Etsy
Ok, so this is pretty nerdy. However, I love this card. I would love to be swept away by the Doctor and travel the universe. 

I Love your Love the Most card
On Etsy
I am obsessed with the Eric Church song, and loved this the second I saw it. 

I also bought this one from the same shop. 

You are my Sunshine card
On Etsy
Clearly this card is fitting for my current situation.

Missing you Card " I'll be right here Waiting for you " Greeting Card. I miss you Card. Long Distance Relationship Card.
On Etsy
I love buying cards from Etsy. Sometimes they are too pretty to send off to the desert and deserve to be framed on the wall. 

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Pre- Deployment Thoughts

Hello lovely readers. This is a pretty long post, but I wanted one place where I collected all my thoughts from the week before Lane's deployment. I won't be giving any dates, but you get an idea of how my feelings and emotions progressed. I am going to do an entire post on the actual day he left.

Deployment T-1 Week 
I was a complete mess last night. We were going over our pre-deployment checklist and I just lost it. I cried and sobbed and told him not to go. Man, that tough and strong Molly that was going to rock this deployment was nowhere to be found last night. Today was better, but I think I will probably have a few more of these before he actually leaves. Having coffee with O, whose husband already deployed, was harder than I thought. I knew that I would be in her exact shoes in about a week. It just made me so sad. I feel like we are in a good place. Financially we have a plan, and I am determined to pay off a significant portion of our debt while he is gone. I know I will probably splurge a little on "feel better" purchases, but I can still try to budget as much as possible.
I am really tired of the uncertainty. We still don't have an exact date. I can't imagine how hard this must be for people trying to end their leases and women moving back home. I know the day he is supposed to leave, but who knows if that will actually happen.

Deployment T-6 Days
I have been exhausted for the past few days. It doesn't seem to matter how much I sleep, I am still tired. I have no energy or ability to really care about anything else. I am relieved that I went ahead and took all of next week off. Regardless of what day he actually deploys, I don't think there is any possibility I would be good at my job next week. I just think it taking up too much energy being sad. I have never really been ok with giving less than 100% at work, but I don't have it in me right now. S ( another army wife) is the complete opposite with loads and loads of nervous energy. That is always how I have been in the past with things like Ranger School or other imminent departures. Not this time though. This time I am just tired. I am fairly certain that I will just sleep for most of the day after he leaves.
I think Asha understands that something is happening. She has been very sweet and interactive with us this week. I can't tell you how happy she makes me. Every army wife should get a dog.
Luckily for Lane and I, we have been spared the fighting that a lot of couples go through right before deployment. It is perfectly normal, and one of the expected reactions to impending absences. It is helpful that I don't care at all about house upkeep right now. I am doing the bare minimum to keep us from living in squalor, but leaving clothes on the floor? Pshhhh. Piles of papers on the table? Doesn't bother me at all.

Deployment T-5 Days
We drove past our neighbors' house today and saw a giant pile of rucks about to be loaded into the car. They were clearly on their way to drop of their soldier for his deployment. I burst into uncontrollable sobbing. Man this is rough. I had all these dreams of holding myself together when I say goodbye, now I don't think that is even a possibility. The fact that we still don't have exact times or dates makes it even worse.

Deployment T-4 Days
So the anxiety associated with this has actually caused me to break out in hives. I had these awful skin rashes ( like of sort of eczema) while I was in middle school, but they haven't resurfaced in years. Well surprise surprise here they are again. I feel like I am doing ok, but there is a constant level of anxiety. I am really just ready for him to leave. I know it will be horrible, and I will be very sad. However, I just want to get it over with because this week is excruciating. I decided to do some walk-in appointments at work this week, and I think it was a good distraction today. Lane took the car for a full check-up so we would have either been stuck at the repair place together for a few hours, or I could work and make some money. Everything on our pre-deployment checklist is done. All we have to do now is cherish these last days together.

T-1 Day
It is at the point now where I can look at the clock and think " In 18 hours I will be putting him on a bus". For a while we were told that we would drop them off at Squadron and that was it. Now we find out that we can stay with them theoretically for another four hours. I don't think I can do it. My plan is to go, stay for an hour or so, and then come home. I don't think I can handle the sitting around waiting for that long. It just makes me cringe thinking about it. I will be fine for an hour. Get pictures with him and all his team members, cry a little and then head home. I was great the last two days. I was upbeat and focused on cherishing our time together. I am a little shakier today, but still infinitely better than the shit show that was last week. I feel ok. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Deployment Stationery

It may seem silly to pick out specific stationery for a deployment, but Lane and I both have a deep love for paper products. He is the only man I have ever met who will wander around Paper Source or Papyrus with me for hours. Probably why I married him. 
During Ranger School, I used distinctive airmail style envelopes for all my letters. Lane said he loved getting mail because he could always tell which letters were from me before they even handed them out. We wanted to do something similar during this deployment. Lane's letters to me will be arriving on this incredibly beautiful Crane & Co stationery cards. 

E Pluribus Unum Correspondence Card
Via Crane and Co
Are those not the most perfect manly/soldiery/refined/gentlemanly cards you have ever seen?  I haven't picked out my signature paper for this deployment, but I definitely plan on finding something beautiful. I have been perusing Crane & Co's site and absolutely love so many options. 

Made In America Correspondence Card
Via Crane and Co
Hand Engraved Je t'aime Note
Via Crane & Co
I highly recommend that y'all check out their new Americana collection. So many of these cards would be absolutely perfect for your man in the military. Crane & Co isn't paying me anything to promote these, I just happen to find them all irresistible. 

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Color Of The Year

I have seen all these posts talking about home Emerald green is the color of the year. Frankly, I couldn't be happier. I love all things green and these flats have been tempting me for weeks. Luckily they are less than twenty bucks. The Fort Drum weather doesn't quite allow for pretty flats this time of year, so I think I am going to hold off for a few weeks. They can be my "Congratulations You Made It For Two Months of Deployment Present". 

too cute! scalloped green flats
Lulu's Scallopini Green Scalloped Flats

Lulu's Scallopini Green Scalloped Flats
 Do y'all have any emerald green items on your spring shopping list? I would love to see how you are incorporating green into your spring wardrobe. 

Monday, January 14, 2013

Bring A Little Americana Into Your Life

I have been in love with this cutting board from Target since I first saw the Curiosity Shop collection a few months ago. It finally went on clearance, and I snagged one up today. This may have been part of my master "Buy Things To Feel Better About Deployment Plan". 
The Curiosity Shoppe at Target® America Cutting Board
The Curiosity Shop- Target
This has inspired me to find more ways to include some Americana in my home. We already have an American Flag in the staircase, but I am feeling a need for some more examples of patriotism. Here are some of the projects I have in mind. 
painted flag from wood pallet .
Original Source      On Pinterest
I have tons of pallet wood lying around from various projects. I would love to make a flag like this. It wouldn't be too challenging, and would be a perfect addition to all the pallet art I already have in my house. 

I also want a print of Avenue In The Rain. I have loved this painting since I first saw it hanging in the fictional Oval Office in the West Wing. 
Hassam, The Avenue in the Rain
Avenue In The Rain
I am excited to add a little more patriotism to my house. 

Sunday, January 13, 2013

2013 Goals

I came across this on Pinterest yesterday and decided that this is the extent of my goals for 2013. I am being gentle with myself this year, but this seemed just about perfect. 

2013 Goals
On Pinterest  
I am loving the idea of simple goals for 2013. I don't have too many lofty goals besides just be happy. I think the combination of love, travel and learning should help with that. 

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Simple Love

Today's What I Am Loving Wednesday will be short and sweet. I love having a chance each week to focus on the things that have made my heart happy, and this week is no exception. Thank you to Jaime for hosting the link-up. 

I am loving my husband. 
As this deployment as grown closer, I have watched nervously as the countdown changed from months to weeks to days. It was a distant event when we first PCS'ed to Fort Drum, but now a second doesn't goes by where I don't think about it. I am loving these moments we still have together. I love the fact that he is still sitting on the couch with me right now, instead of thousands of miles away. I will probably do this link-up for most of the time he is gone. Maybe pretty dresses and quotes will be the things I love that week. But I will never love anything like I love him.
 I am loving his insatiable curiosity about the world around him. I am loving the fact he makes me tea and the sweet way he interacts with Asha.  I am loving the fact that I have loved him for almost a decade. He knows me better than anyone else possible could. I am loving that I know we will make it through this deployment and come out stronger at the end. I am loving that I have a chance to write more love letters, and to receive love letters from him. 
I am loving that the impending separation makes every moment together seem more valuable. I wish I could carry this sense of importance into the rest of our lives together. I hope that I never forget how much I treasured this time. 

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Birthday Giveaway

I have a super secret giveaway planned for the first birthday of the blog, the 29th of January. It involves one of my all time favorite DIY projects. First though, I need y'all's help. Of the below quotes and phrases, which is your favorite? I am looking for shorter quotes and would love any suggestions outside of the ones below. 
I always adore the comments from all my regular ladies, but my normally non-commenting readers should definitely chime in. 

we will not compare ourselves with each other as if one of us were better and another worse. we have far more interesting things to do with our lives. each of us is an original.
"Comparison Is The Thief Of Joy" 

On Etsy
"Home Sweet Home" 
Today I will be awesome

"Today I Will Be Awesome"

Fortune Favors The Brave
On Pinterest
"Fortune Favors The Brave" 

More than all the stars
"I Love You More Than All The Stars" 

I am really excited for this giveaway, and to get started crafting the project. Thanks in advance for y'all's input =) 

Monday, January 7, 2013

Weekend Fun

Hello Monday =) 
I am ready for another week at work and the craziness that comes in the two weeks before classes start. I had a wonderful weekend full of play time for Asha and retail therapy for me. I have no idea why, but impending deployment means that I want to spend as much money as humanly possible. I have asked around, and I'm not alone in this. Your husband leaving you for the better part of a year apparently causes intense shopping urges.
 We made two trips to Target and another two to Michaels. I am excited that I stocked up on supplies for a few different upcoming projects. I know that I need to keep myself as occupied as possible in the first few weeks Lane is gone. 

I snagged this adorable plaid shirt from Old Navy as well as these Kate Spade-ish notebooks from Target. I am planning to use them for shopping lists and other random thoughts. 

 Asha was very sweet and cuddly Sunday morning during breakfast. 

My military ladies, did y'all find your selves going on a massive spending spree before your husband's departure? I don't know what it is, but my bank account can't handle much more. 
Have a wonderful week =) 

Sunday, January 6, 2013

Italy Update

Trevi Fountain wishes. One of my wishes was return to Rome and I am getting my wish! 
I have mentioned a couple of times that my parents are taking us (my siblings and I) to Europe this summer for two weeks. I have been put in charge of planning, which is pretty much my dream job. This trip will fall almost half way through deployment, and will be the perfect distraction. 
We have found a villa to rent in Italy, and now I have started looking at apartments to rent in Paris. When you have six people, renting one apartment can be cheaper than two or three hotel rooms. 

I have started think about what I want to wear during the trip. My plan right now is to just bring a back pack. I will have access to laundry at least twice during the two week stay My packing list thus far looks like this. 

1. Jeans- Wear on the plane to save space 
2. Two button down shirts 
3. Two Brightly colored sundresses for days in the city 
4. Skirt 
5.. Leggings for overnight trains and just hanging out
6. Two T-shirts to go with jeans or leggings 
7. Bathing Suit 
8. Two light scarves 
9. Sweater- Wear on the plane to save space 
10. Two Tank tops 

I will probably stick to neutral colors for everything but the dresses. I like these suggestions for Joanna at A Cup of Jo.  Mara at M Loves M also has some great suggestions

Friday, January 4, 2013

High Five For (A Freezing) Friday

I haven't done the High Five For Friday Link-Up in quite a while, but I thought I would give it a go this week. I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk

Photo: We are watching a documentary about the Iditarod. Asha looks totally ready to race.

1. High Five for awesome Netflix documentaries. Lane and I have been watching one about the Iditarod Sled Dog Race. Clearly, Asha is extremely excited about being a sled dog (Ha). Netflix has added a load of great new documentaries and I highly recommend checking them out. 

2. The Snow! I know a lot of people moan and complain about Fort Drum, but I think it is beautiful here. Yes it is cold, but there is significant beauty in the snow. Also, we had months of incredibly beautiful (and warm) spring, summer, and fall. Fall in northern New York is worth the slightly chilly temperatures in the winter. 

To Purchase on Amazon
3.  This new gorgeous french press. Starbucks had them marked down by $20 so we decided to splurge. Our old one had a big chip, so this beauty is quite an upgrade.

4. I feel like I am starting to hit my stride at work. There are so many crazy variables and situations that I learn something new everyday. However, it is a good feeling when progress is definitely being made.

5. High Five for really great husbands who bring you a mid day latte at work. Who have frozen yogurt in the freezer when you get home from a really long day. Who are so sweet with your dog that you can't wait to see him with your kids. Yep, those husbands are pretty cool.

Fort Drum is under a severe blizzard warning and I am secretly hoping that I will have a few hour delay at work. I could use to time to snuggle my sweet puppy and enjoy morning coffee in bed. 

Thursday, January 3, 2013

New York At Christmas

I am pretty sure that there is nothing more wonderful than NYC at Christmas. On December 23rd we headed into the city to visit some friends and take in the sights. We headed down to East Village for an amazing brunch with some college friends. The weather was very cooperative, so we decided to walk uptown. This ended up being a journey of about 70 blocks to The Met. Although the day was gorgeous, it is really seeing all the lights at night that makes the trip worthwhile. We had an absolute blast seeing the incredible decorations in all the huge department stores. Here are some random pictures from the day trip. 

The incredible ( and edible looking) soap at Sabon 

Kisses in front the Library Lions 

30 Rock Plaza Christmas Tree 

Chrysler Building 

More 30 Rock 

One of my favorite pictures, Grand Central at night 

Christmas-y Empire State Building 

If you ever have the chance to visit NYC at Christmas, you absolutely must go. Have any of y'all been to Manhattan at Christmas? What are some of your favorite sites? 

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