Wednesday, September 18, 2013

And Then There Was One

I am in the sort of odd (and sad position) of really being the last of my friends to have their husband's return from Afghanistan. Some are already back, and some have homecoming dates weeks before I will see Lane. Now, I completely understand that in the long run a few weeks is not a big deal. However, telling that to the jealous side of my brain has been really difficult. 

I am legitimately happy for them. I understand that their husbands' return has nothing to do with when I will see mine again. But it is still weird. We have been existing as a little happy group of single ladies for eight months. Now, people are getting back to their normal married lives. It isn't even about jealous, it is more that the routine we have developed is falling apart. Routine is the greatest source of strength during a deployment. Dealing with Lane's absence is much harder when my normal schedule is disrupted. 

My greatest mantra during this time has been "A Rising Tide Lifts All Boats". One person's happiness lends itself to the greater happiness. I know that at the exact same time that I get my husband back, one of the other brigades will be deploying. It is futile and frustrating to constantly compare your situation to those around you. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Parent's Visit

Hello Blogging world. I am still a terrible blogger, but I wanted to get up all the details from my family's visit to Fort Drum before I forget. 

My parents decided in August that they were going to fly up with my siblings for a week. We met in Syracuse a midst some terrible rainy weather. Over the week I tried to show them the highlights of the North Country. 

This included: 
1. Brunch at Tin Pan Galley in Sackets Harbor 
2. The Boldt Castle Tour in Alexandria Bay 
3. My awesome house
4. Burrville Cider Mill 

We also made a quick trip out to Niagara Falls. We had an awesome time and got totally soaked multiple occasions. 

We stayed at the Comfort Inn which was ridiculously close to the falls and very cheap. They do a military discount and were very sweet to my family. I would highly recommend staying there for anyone who just wants clean, simple no fuss accommodations. As soon as we arrived we set out to do the Maid of the Mist boat tour. I feel like this is the quintessential Niagara experience. We got drenched and then headed over to the Cave of the Winds which is a walk down the bottom of the falls. It is really amazing to see the sheer amount of water pouring down basically on top of you. 

We woke up Thursday to an overcast sky. I was very glad that we got all of our water based activities done in the 98 degree heat of Wednesday. Thursday we got up and walked across the Rainbow bridge to Canada. We strolled along the Canadian side for a while down to horseshoe falls. I will definitely agree that the view is better from the Canadian side. They also have much better landscaping and coffee options. However, the U.S side has more park rangers available to answer your questions. I think that everyone should really try both. 

I would definitely make a trip back next summer once Lane is back. Going in September was perfect. Much shorter lines, but still warm enough to enjoy getting soaked. 

Anyone else been to Niagara? Have any other recommendations for my next trip? 
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