Friday, April 26, 2013

Skype Rules My World

I have no idea how it's already Friday. I am equally confused as to how April is almost over, so clearly time is not my strong suit right now. Don't get my wrong, I am thrilled that time is flying by. This is such a wonderful change from the plodding pace of February and March. I am linking up with Lauren to celebrate Fridays with her wonderful link-up High Five For Friday. 

1. The biggest high five for my first Skype date with Lane. Seeing his face was wonderful. The internet connection was surprisingly good. I am so grateful for the MWR and the other resources available to Lane and other soldiers. 

2. She hasn't done anything special this week, but I always have a high five for my sweet girl. She is so sleepy and sweet in the morning. This was her using the door frame to help stretch. 

3. High five that my battle buddy Shannon is back from visiting home. It has been nice to have her back in New York. Her dogs get along so well with Asha, and she is a wonderful support for me.

4. High five for finishing my first week of FRG leader. I don't I've ever responded to so many e-mails in my life. Whew, I am loving it but man there are a lot of people asking questions.

5. Did I already mention a high five for skype with my husband? Oh I love that face 

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  1. Yay for Skype! I'm really glad y'all had a good connection, too. (Crappy ones are almost worse than no Skype at all; they are just so frustrating and such a let down.)


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