Monday, April 22, 2013

Deployment Week Thirteen

So all weekend I meant to sit down and blog, but it just never happened. Instead I spent glorious mornings reading and Starbucks and sunny afternoons at the dog park with Asha. I have seen the idea of a social media free weekend floating around, and I am tempted to try it out. I communicate with Lane through fb message, so it won't happen till he is safely home.
So instead of its normal weekend position, here is my deployment week thirteen update. 
Week thirteen was a doozy. The Boston Marathon bombing and subsequent manhunt just put a constant haze over the week. I still had some great moments at the gym and throughout the week. I was thrilled to reach 33% done, and the 100 day mark is just around the corner. 

Happy Picture

This is from the pictures we took the day after our wedding. It was an equally beautiful day, and we were able to be a bit more relaxed and have a great time. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful for the awesome gyms we have available on Fort Drum. Having a place where I feel welcome and motivated makes me so much more likely to work out. I always see someone I know. The guys that work there always motivate me to keep going. 
2. I am grateful for warm weather. We have been teased with a few warm days, however snow followed on Sunday. I am so ready for summer. I am tired of cold weather. I want shorts and sun hats, sunburns and cold drinks. 
3. I am grateful for lazy mornings spent chatting with Lane online. He some free time on Saturday and we had a wonderful chat. It was so nice to not feel rushed or trying to sneak in a chat before my next appointment. 
4. I am grateful to my parents for encouraging me to read. Books have been a much needed escape this week. I have been reading constantly, and always feel sad when I finish a book or book series. The world was scary this week, and I wanted to escape. Books allow me to do that without actually leaving my bedroom. 

Deployment Projects 
I got a few things done this week. I kept working on small projects. I organized all my craft stuff in pretty boxes I grabbed at TJ Maxx. I got the throw pillow below this week as well. 

House Goals
 Art for the empty wall in the kitchendone with free cork board
Map Wall gallery for the Living Room decided to hang British maps instead
 Curtains For the Living Room

DIY Goals
 Repair Asha-Destroyed Arm Chair
Sand/Paint/Add Cushions to Greek Style Chair
Finish Sanding School Style Desk- Not done sanding, but it's already in the house. Don't think I will make any more changes to it. 

Fitness Goals
 Dead lift my own body weight - Done! Maxed at 200 lbs
Do 1 Pull-Up
 Lose another 2% body fat

Blog Goals
 Do An Outfit of the Day post
Do two giveaways - I did one giveaway 
 Get to 100 Followers

Financial Goals
Pay off $20,000 dollars of student loan debt- We are almost to $13,000 
  Get to a 0 balance on both credit cards Whoo! Done back in February
Pay Every Month’s bills on time So far so good 

Things to Buy
DSLR camera- Cannon T3i - Purchased in April 
      You & Me Print
 Sewing Machine

Very excited for Week 14 and the arrival of May! I can't wait to be one more month closer to my husband's return. 

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