Sunday, April 7, 2013

Deployment Week Eleven

Oh April, you are looking so good so far. I am thrilled to making our way toward 1/3 of the way done with deployment. This week was a bit up and down. TA craziness is still making things super slow at work. The slowness coupled with the internet being down one day, made for a very slow work week. I woke up ill on Thursday and felt crappy all the way through this morning. This week had some good aspects too. Communication with Lane was great, and I got a ton of things scratched off my to do list. 

Happy Picture 
This is from the ugly sweat party we attended in December. Lane decided to go for world's smallest sweater. Luckily his abs are ridiculous, so he totally pulled it off. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful for the 1.5 HOUR long phone conversation we had today. We have stuck primarily to chatting online, so this is only the second time we have spoken on the phone. Just hearing his voice was so wonderful. I am sending his webcam in the next care package, so I am hopeful we can get some skype time in too. 
2. I am grateful for sunny weather. I spent at least an hour at the dog almost every day this week enjoying the (relatively) warm weather. Asha is nice and tuckered out as a result. Feeling the sun on my face was glorious today. 
3. I am grateful for the insane amount of time I was able to spend reading this week. I finished all of the Mortal Instrument books in about two weeks. It was a wonderful escape into another world. I am also grateful that my parents instilled such an intense love of reading into my siblings and me. I can never understand when people say they don't like to read. It is a chance to escape into someone else's life and world without even leaving your house. 

Deployment Projects 
Whoo hoo for progress. I framed my UK maps and they are happily hanging in my living room. The breakfast room is basically done too. I am so excited to have the downstairs nearly complete. I just need to get a love seat for the living room and my DIY ottoman. 

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