Monday, April 1, 2013

Deployment Week Ten

This post is so late. I got back from Rhode Island on Friday, and didn't have any interest in turning on my computer for the rest of the weekend. I have seen the idea of "social media free weekend" floating around the blogging world, and I am starting to love the idea. I want to do a full post about OCS graduation, but before it gets too late I want to do my deployment update. 

Hello April! March went by in a snap. Considering that February took a decade to pass, this was a welcome change. If the next six months want to do the same, that would be great.
 Week ten was a breeze. Communication was really good and the trip to RI made the whole week fly by. It was one of those weeks where you think "Yep, I got this. Totally handling it".  Jen's graduation from OCS was such a wonderful experience. I got a little teary when they recited the commissioning oath. It is the same oath Lane said at his commissioning, and the memory was incredibly strong. I remember sitting in the stands, watching him say those words. Knowing that he was making a promise that would shape the next ten years of our lives. I had the same feeling watching Jen and her class recite the oath. Whew, a little intense. Anyway, on to happier things. 

Happy Picture 
Everyone has seen all the pictures floating around Pinterest of ways to mark each anniversary. We had some friends over to celebrate our first year of marriage, and took this beautiful photo. Lane will still be gone for our anniversary this year, and I have already started to think of clever ways to take a "Two Years" picture while separated by 6, 700 miles. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am so grateful for good friends. I hadn't seen Jen in almost a year when I drove down to Rhode Island on Thursday. It was so good to see her and enjoy spending time with her family. We have known each other since the first day of freshman orientation in high school. Seeing her achieve this incredible goal was wonderful. I was so proud I could have burst. 
2. I am grateful for warmer weather. It may be raining and nasty today, but Saturday was glorious. I took two trips to the dog park and had the best time. Come on spring! 
3. I am grateful for safe travels. I drove 7 hours down on Thursday and 7 hours back on Friday. It was definitely tiring, but so worth it. I am grateful that the car is in great shape and I made the drive safely. 
4. I am grateful for long phone calls with my mom. My mom and I both work in education, and being able to talk to her about issues we both care about deeply is wonderful. I am blessed with awesome parents, and I appreciate them more and more as I get older. 
5. I am grateful for long lazy days reading. Y'all, I finished the first three Mortal Instruments books in less than three days. I am heading to the library today to get the next book.

Deployment Projects 
Nope, nothing done this week. Too much traveling, not enough house projects.

Happy April!

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