Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Words of Wisdom on Pinterest

Yay for Wednesday link-ups. I have been really into link-ups the last few weeks. They are such a great way to find new blogs and ideas. First, it is time for What I Am Loving Wednesday with This Kind of Love


I am Loving the incredible weather of the last two days. The North Country is in the midst of a warm spell, and I am praying that it lasts. We sat outside at Starbucks and it was glorious. There are so many incredible things to do here in the summer. I am itching for it to get here. So many businesses are seasonal, and seeing those "Open May-October" signs makes me long for summer. The nice weather means that it will soon be time to break out my sun hat. Mine is red and black for UGA's colors.

Monogrammed Sun Hat
From Marley Lilly
I am Loving our progress on the housing wait-list. As it stands right now, we will be offered a house around the end of March and move in around the middle to end of April. Y'all, I cannot wait to get out of the hotel. I miss cooking so much. I want to get everything out of storage and get our lives set up.

I am Loving that we are headed to NYC soon to visit a few friends. I haven't been in years, and it will give us the chance to see lots of our favorite people. One of Lane's favorite campers from when we both worked at summer camp is now at West Point. Goodness that makes me feel old. We are going to stop on our way back to say hello. 

Obviously, Pinterest is wonderful for all sorts of great ideas. I have found countless DIY ideas that I can't wait to try. However, there are also wonderful sayings that people have pinned. I had heard many of these before, but I love the presentation that Pinterest provides. I am linking up with The Vintage Apple  for Pinterest Wednesday. I like to do a theme each week, and this week mine is Words of Wisdom. They can all be found on my Things to Remember  page on Pinterest.

Happier than a bird with a french fry

Such a lovely sentiment 
Elsie De Wolfe. 

I love her  

I could go anywhere with you and I'd probably be happy... 

say yes to adventure 

I love few things more than the smell of old books. 


  1. "Happier than a bird with a french fry"...That's great!

  2. love that hat! so cute
    & great inspiration!

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  3. Great pins!! I love that Keep calm and act like kate middleton poster!

  4. Love Marley Lilly & that Keep Calm & Act Like Kate Middleton is the best!

  5. I love the bird with a French fry print! :D

    Just dropping by from WILW!

  6. Love these. Great quotes. so glad I found your blog. I'm definitely following now. I can't wait to read more. If you get a sec, I'd love if you'd check out my blog. It's all about the adventures of a small town girl taking on the LA fashion scene. xo


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