Monday, March 5, 2012

Le Weekend

This weekend was all about getting to know our new little area. Lane got released early on Friday and we set off to explore Watertown. I have to say I was pleasantly surprised by the town square. There was a great art gallery with beautiful paintings and wood work. We had lunch at The Crystal, which has been around since the early 1900's. Good food at insanely low prices. The hamburger is $2.75.

 My camera is still wonky so these are from the web via
 Friday night was very relaxing, as we ate dinner on post and watched the Eric Bana movie Hanna.

Saturday we jumped in the car and drove to Syracuse. I had looked up interesting places to walk around, and Armory Square was one of the results. We should have looked up the basketball schedule, because Syracuse was playing a home game on Saturday. We walked  through hordes of orange clad Syracuse fans and found some great shops. We got coffee at a shop called Freedom of Espresso. I loved the name, and the very tasty latte.

I was thrilled to find knobs for my pie safe, for half the price of the Anthro knobs I had been dreaming about.  The wonderful sales lady said that she wanted to show us how strong they were. She took one from the display and chucked it at the ( tile) floor as hard as she could. After I recovered from my slight heart attack, I was shocked that the knob didn't even have a scratch.
During our walk we passed the Wesleyan Methodist Church. It was part of the underground railroad and helped hundreds of former slaves escape to Canada. Susan B Anthony also spoke here. It has been converted into a restaurant, and we definitely plan on going back for a meal.


We ate at the Empire Brewing Company for lunch. It was delicious and had such a cool interior. I had some of the best chili I have ever eaten. It is below ground right in Armory Square. We didn't try any of their beers, but I am sure we will be back. They also use entirely renewable energy, which is amazing.

It feels good to gain familiarity with this area. I want to like it here, and making these kind of trips helps.

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  1. so glad you had time with the hubs to explore your surroundings... we did the same when we moved to this small town, and nothing beats walking in nothing but NEW-ness


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