Monday, March 12, 2012

Things I Loved About This Weekend

I am about to dive into a day of job applications, but I wanted to record my favorite parts of this weekend.

1. Finding new great restaurants.The weather was spectacular on Sunday. We drove out to Sackets Harbor  and ate at the Brew Pub. They have BLT soup, which is as good as one would imagine. Creamy tomato soup with bacon and a sprinkling of lettuce on top.

2. We found a gorgeous leather couch. We are going to hold off on purchasing until we are actually in the house, but it is nice to know we found one we love.

3. We went to see John Carter on Friday, and I really liked it. Because we are bad people, we smuggled in our own paleo friendly snacks.

4. I really feel like we are starting to settle into our life here. This seems impossible since we are living in a hotel, but nonetheless I feel like progress has been made.

5. I got to spend the weekend with Lane, which even if we did nothing would be the best. In the almost nine ( oh wow it is crazy to write that number) years we have been together I don't know if we have ever spent this much time together. Although we have a few friends up here, it is really just the two of us. I am really appreciative of this time together. 

I Love You Much Photography 


  1. My goodness those photos are gorg of you two!!!

    BLT soup?? Never heard of it before, but I do love me a BLT, so I have gotsta try the soup!!


  2. all of these images are just gorgeous!
    and yay to spending so much time with your man! nothing beats it :)
    xo TJ


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