Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Love + Houses

I completely forgot about the wedding themed linkups that are happening this and next week. I will be a late comer toward the end of the week. However, here is one of my favorite engagement pictures. We were lucky enough to work with Live it Out  Photography in Washington, D.C. I cannot recommend them enough, and anyone in the D.C area should check them out.


Ok, I lied. Here are a few more just because I love them so much. 


So there is your daily dose of Lane and Molly love each other. I am in another week of Army Family Team Building. I loved level one, and I am hoping that level two will be equally worthwhile. I learned a lot about the Army, and it such a good way to make friends. 

In more good news, we should be offered a house this week. We won't be able to move in for a few weeks, but it is such a great step in the right direction. Love and houses are on my mind this week, so here are some sweet ideas for our/ your place. All are from My Pinterest Page. 

Pinned Image 

Pinned Image 

"you are loved" sign 

so pretty 


  1. oh pinterest, what would i ever do without you?
    and i'm completely obsessed with that shot in front of that adorable pink house. a keeper for sure!!
    xo TJ

  2. your engagement photos are adorbs!!!! Love em girlie!


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