Friday, March 23, 2012

Wedding Link-Up

I completely missed the first few days of this link-up, but I am so excited to join today with pictures from before our ceremony. I am linking up with Valerie of Along the Way with V & J.

Y'all I wish that I could say that I was calm and serene on my wedding day. That would be a lie. We got married at my parent's lake house, which meant that a lot of the work fell to us. I was bustling around like a mad woman all morning. However, once it was time to take pictures I calmed down.  

I am the 20th woman in my family to wear this veil. The first was in the mid 1800's. 


This is my family's dog Ralphie. He is the grumpiest dog I have ever met, but I love him to death.

We weren't so good at the whole serious photo thing. 

My Bridesmaids. They were incredible the entire weekend and are the other loves of my life. 
There might have been a little of this going on. 

Damn he is handsome =) 

I love our wedding pictures. Our photographer ( Lauren of I Love You Much Photography) was really great on the day of the wedding, and I felt super comfortable. 


  1. these are so beautiful! thanks for linking up! :)

  2. I love this! And, I am completely obsessed with your veil. It's gorgeous and has so much sentiment. That is amazing!

  3. I love your photographer!! Captured great shots of you guys!!

    You look amazing girlie!! I love your veil :)

  4. These are gorgeous! I love your dress and your veil, you look so serene! That picture of you and your siblings is so cute :)

  5. i love the style of your dress - so glad you linked up!

  6. Sooo beautiful! Love the whole look you went with--so gorgeous. Yep your man is pretty cute :)

  7. love your pictures!!! My family also had a veil that i was supposed to wear. but we realized it was lost by the dry cleaners after my aunt wore it when we opened the box for me :( love how detailed and antique yours is!

  8. I love the family veil - that is amazing. And you look gorgeous as well. :)


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