Saturday, March 3, 2012

Weddings On My Mind

My friend's recent engagement has me thinking about weddings. I loved doing the research for mine, calling all the different vendors and piecing together the different aspects. I wasn't on Pinterest during my planning, but I have gained all sorts of ideas for J's since joining.

Personalized Wedding Hanger
I didn't get one of these hangers for my dress and I wish that I had. I couldn't figure out what I would do with it after the wedding. Regardless of practicality, I think it would be nice for special occasions or just a nice reminder of the wedding. 

I love the ALMOST first look
We didn't do a first look. I think there is something nice about having the first look during the ceremony. However, I love this trend of the almost first look. It allows you to get pictures together while still saving the first look for the ceremony.

I had a really long walk to our ceremony site. Our guests could see me for a solid minute and a half before I made it to the front. I really wanted that first look experience, so Lane turned his back while I was walking.

All photos from I Love You Much Photography 


  1. These pictures are so sweet....I also love the traditional first look, and love your dress!

  2. LOVE these pictures! You were a GORGEOUS bride!

  3. oh gosh, i wish i could relive the whole experience again.
    and what fun pictures to share!!
    xo TJ


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