Monday, March 19, 2012

Hello Monday

This weekend was perfect and relaxing. Although, we ended up totally flaking out on our St. Patrick's Day plans. The sunshine came out this weekend, and we found every excuse possible to be outside. Saturday we slept in till after noon, which was fantastic but highly unproductive.

 Lane has planned this new workout schedule for me, and Saturday was day one. It was definitely rough, and I am still a bit sore today. I am so bad about being methodical in the gym. I like to go, but I never have an exact plan. I usually hop on the rowing machine and do some free weights. I HIGHLY recommend the rowing machine. It is such a good workout for your whole body, but especially your back. With this program, I know exactly what I am doing and how much to lift. Lane is great about making a plan and charting my progress.

Classy rowing. 

We went to a Greek restaurant for an early dinner/ really late lunch. I know, eating Greek food on St. Patrick's Day is probably a crime somewhere. We went to Apollo's in Watertown, which is one of our new favorites. We wanted to enjoy the nice weather, but at this point still had every intention to going to Irishfest downtown later. Starbucks doesn't have the best patio in the world, but it was so nice to sit outside and read. I finally finished A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness.

A Discovery of Witches 

I loved some parts of this book, but others drove me crazy. It is a little like Twilight for adults, which were the parts I did not like. Two of the settings were Oxford, England and Upstate New York so I loved that aspect. The sequel comes out in July, and I will definitely get it from the library. 

The weather was so spectacular that we ended up just relaxing on the patio all night. I don't think anything is better than a patio, book, latte, warm weather and the setting sun. 
nice work on the sunset
 Sunday we headed back to Syracuse. We had a few new restaurants to try, and Lane had an appointment to plan out his new tattoo ( yes my husband is increasingly covered in tattoos). We went to Dinosaur BBQ for lunch. As southerners, we have a deep love for BBQ and were very sad that there wasn't one here in Watertown. It was pretty good, and I am sure that we will be back. We also went to The Mission Restaurant and had the most incredible scallop salad with bacon and endive. I am pretty sure bacon and scallops were always meant to be together. 

We went to the Syracuse mall, which is enormous. We saw Friends With Kids, which was funny but much more serious than I thought it would be. 

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend, and is ready to charge into the week ahead. 

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