Saturday, March 10, 2012

Dreaming of Spring

I highly underestimated how much it would snow here. It isn't even that it accumulates in giant piles on the ground, it is just always coming down. We had a hint of spring on Wednesday when it was in the 60's. Unfortunately, I woke up today with snow covered cars, so I doubt spring is truly here.


According to housing, we may be in our house toward the end of April. We are third to be offered and there are three houses opening up in April. On-post military housing is such a complicated process, and I am just grateful that we are going to get on post at all. So fingers crossed, we will be in our house by the end of next month. There are lots of upcoming things to get exited about with the coming of spring. Two job fairs in the beginning of April, and the Battalion Ball in June. Everyone has told me how incredible the North Country is in the summer, and I can't wait to see it.
Love the potted flowers

I will absolutely be starting a garden as soon as we have a house. I want to grow some of our own vegetables, as well as flowers for the house. My parent's house is surrounded by gardenia and hydrangea bushes. Those wouldn't survive up here, but I can still find beautiful flowers to plant. I have read that lilacs, roses, anemones, baby's breath, carnations, chrysanthemum, and delphinium will all grow up here. I found a chart where you can figure out what plants will work for your geographic area. We are zone 5A, i.e really cold.
I am jealous of everyone down south where spring has already sprung. I think I have a few more weeks of snow and sleet before I see anything like that up here. 


  1. OMG I've always wanted to grow my own veggies!!! However (1) it rains/snows more than the sun shines and (2) I don't have that green thumb :/

    I hope you get to it though so I can live through you!!!

  2. Eric and I were JUST talking about how we can't wait to buy a home and start a garden! We can't wait!


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