Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Spring On Pinterest

Yay for link-up day. Firstly, What I'm Loving Wednesday with Jamie at This Kind of Love

I'm Loving that I have another wedding to help plan. My dear friend is getting married in Chicago this summer, and I have been pinning and researching like crazy. She is having a glamorous old Hollywood style wedding which is so different from my laid back lakeside wedding. It has been really fun to plan something in such a different style. 

I'm Loving the Army class I am taking this week. It has been seven hours a day for two days, but I have been learning so much. There is so much to absorb about etiquette and rank. I thought I was pretty comfortable with army lingo, but this week has proved me wrong. 

I'm Loving the bright blue pants from The Gap ( see below). As soon as our moving money is reimbursed, I am making a trip to the mall. 

I'm Loving my husband, who brings me tea, indulges my obsession with primary election results, and has been so wonderful about making this move as smooth as possible. So many women in my class talked about their husbands forgetting to tell them about various army issues. Lane is so good about making sure I have all  the necessary information. 

Spring seems very far away in the north country. It is still below 30 degrees most days, and fell down to below zero this week. Somehow, anything above 30 degrees has started to feel warm to me. Nonetheless, I know that spring is coming. This is the theme for this week's Pinterest link-up with The Vintage Apple

I am craving bright colors both in my flowers and my clothes. I love navy blue, and I think it is gorgeous matched with some brighter colors. My shopping list already has those cobalt blue trousers from the gap on it.

tulips via Molly on Pinterest

pink dress, leopard shoes
Pinkwallpaper, via Molly on Pinterest

Gap Broken-in Straight Khakis in Active Blue
The Gap via Molly on Pinterest

Love this skirt via Molly on Pinterest
spring Molly on Pinterest 

looks like summer via Molly on Pinterest
Spring Spring Spring Spring Spring.
The Glitter Guide via Molly on Pinterest 
tea tins via Molly on Pinterest

Love these flowers
stylemepretty via Molly on Pinterest
navy + pastels.
The Sartorialist via Molly on Pinterest


  1. your pins are so pretty. love those leopard flats + pink dress!

    happy wednesday
    xx :: ashlyn

    let it be beautiful

  2. leopard flats and bright blue skinnies... LOVE it!!

    I saw that last pin last nigh and I loveee how that pink skirt flows blissfully ;)

  3. I love those leopard flats! Definitely something that needs to be in my closet. And soon!! :)

  4. Your fashion pins are amazing! So feminine and pretty! Love those flowy skirts :)

  5. love those blue pants! I have been on the look out for non-denim colored pants for work.

    Yay for good hubbies!


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