Thursday, March 29, 2012

Thursday Randoms

This week has completely gotten away from me. I spent Monday in NYC, Tuesday recovering from the weekend, and Wednesday at the gym and in Syracuse. I can't believe it is already Thursday. I have been loving the wedding link-ups, and will return to those tomorrow. However, today is just a list of things that have been on my mind.

1. We went to see Mythbusters: Behind the Myth in Syracuse Wednesday night. It was funny, interesting and entertaining. I highly recommend it for any science geeks out there. It made me super excited for my future kids' science fair projects.
home is where you make it. jolby
2. We officially received a house on post. Yay!!!! However, we can't move in until the middle of April. It is a few more weeks of hotel living for us. I will be in D.C/ Atlanta on our actual move in day, so Lane will be left to his own devices.


3. I have become a convert to using 100% shea butter instead of lotion. I have always had extremely dry and rough skin. Since I replaced lotion with pure shea butter, I have felt such a difference. It is slightly more expensive than lotion, but works so much better. My favorite is the Now brand pictured above. We have tried another one, but it doesn't smell as good. Lane has mentioned how much softer my skin is several times. It is such a nice feeling not to be self conscious about my rough skin.

Just something lovely for this rainy Thursday


  1. yayyy for your new house!! congrats girlie!! let the fun of decorating begin!!

    and mythbusters?!?! love that show!!!!!

    happy thursday love!

  2. i have to become a convert to shea butter soon. i always hear good things. especially when trying to prevent those terrible stretch marks ;)
    and congrats on your new house!!!
    xo TJ

  3. I have never tried shea butter but I have heard great great things about it. I'm not much of a lotion fan because of the greasy feel it leaves behind... does the butter do that?


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