Friday, March 9, 2012

On the Hunt

Dispositions, not circumstances

Looking for a job sucks. The never ending cycle of hoping and being disappointed is tiring. I have been a job application machine this week, and I feel positive about the future. One of my goals is to be employed by May. I believe I have the ability to make this happen. It is harder because everyone tells me that I shouldn't have any trouble finding a job. Yes, I am well educated and I am so grateful for those opportunities. However, with those credentials comes the self-doubt about the fact that I am still unemployed. If I am fine/qualified on paper, then why am I not employed?

comparison is the thief of joy

I am confident going forward, and have faith that something will work out. I am taking all the right steps and doing everything I can. Lane has been really supportive, which makes this much easier.



  1. i am right there with you girl. trying to find a job is very stressful! sending confidence and good luck your way ;)
    xo TJ

  2. Good luck!! You will find one. Stay positive.


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