Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Tuesday Randoms

As much as I want to keep writing posts about waiting for housing or dreams about my future yard, I am starting to feel like a broken record. So today is just random things that are on my mind.

chelsea handler...hilarious
1. Reason # 18475875 that I know my husband loves me: At 11:00 he automatically changed the channel to E! for Chelsea Lately.

2. Working out in the gym on post is a very different experience. The weight room is a little intimidating when it is full of giant men covered in tattoos. I took my little 20lb bar to the corner and tried to ignore all the grunting.

3. The weather here is beyond unpredictable. It can vary from snowing to in the 60's all within one day.
Drive in movie
4. There is a drive-in theater near post which opens in a few weeks. This is when I wish we had a pick-up truck. We could put blankets in the back and watch the movie. Our Outback is a wonderful car, but not ideal for movie watching at the drive-in.
Pick up truck love
5. I am pretty sure the cleaning ladies are judging me for how messy our hotel room is. I try to tell them that we don't need their services every single day, but they usually come anyway. I can feel them looking distastefully at my massive pile of clothes on top of my suitcase.


  1. patience is a virtue my frannnnd. In no time you'll be in your own spot and it'll be pure bliss!

    BTW- you've totes gotta keeper as a hubby... turned the channel on point with your show Chelsey Lately?! Love it!!

  2. oh gosh, husbands are the best. i love when the mister comes out of his office and says, "wait, isn't the bachelor coming on soon". makes me laugh ;)
    xo TJ


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