Friday, March 2, 2012



While we wait for housing to become available, we are staying in the post hotel. It is really quite nice, especially for how cheap it is. However, it just makes my urge to unpack and decorate more severe. I have had most of my life in boxes since the middle of the summer. The earliest that we will get a house is the beginning of April, which in the grand scheme of things is not that long. Everything has been temporary for months, and I am just ready for something more permanent.

Clearly, permanence and the Army do not go together, but even two years living in the same place will set a new record for me. Since I graduated high school, the longest I have been in one place is about nine months. Between study abroad and grad school, I have been constantly moving. These experiences have all been so important in formulating who I am, but I am ready for something different.

home is wherever I'm with you

In happier news, one my best friends got engaged last night. I am so excited to head out to Chicago for her wedding. I already volunteered for reception hall research to fill my time while figuring out job stuff.



  1. you poor thing :( I hate when you don't have a home for something, let alone you have boxes of things!! the reward will be so great and well worth it in the end... april is coming around the corner, so be ready!!

    Happy Friday ;)

  2. oh gosh, i can't wait to move back up to seattle and finally have a chance to really decorate our own place. the whole expenses of that is dreary, but the outcome is totally worth it.
    hope you get to move in soon!
    xo TJ

  3. i hope you can move into your little home soon! But, as crazy as it sounds- i am envious that you've been able to move and travel around so much. It's fun to settle down into a place you can really call home though. Good luck with the move! And decorating is definitely the best part to a new home. xo


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