Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Pinterest Wednesday

Happy Wednesday. I am relieved that my sick puppy is much better today. I think it was whatever the dog equivalent of food poisoning is. She was completely fine after she finished throwing up. We still went to the vet and she is on a course of antibiotics to make sure it isn't a bug. 

I am working today (Hallelujah) but still wanted to link up with the lovely Michelle over at The Vintage Apple  for Oh How Pinteresting. 
Every night of my life
Asha follows me around the house and lies down in whatever room I happen to be in. When I leave to go do laundry or sit in the living room, she gives me a look of pure disdain for making her move. 
I am pretty sure I have pinned something similar to this at least four our five times. I clearly need to get myself to Michaels for some large letters. I already have some red paint, and I think these would look awesome in my kitchen. 

White desk and mirror
I love everything about this office. I am in love with the West Elm Parson's desk and that mirror is amazing. 

I'm Ok.
I love this. I am a huge Harry Potter and Percy Jackson fan as well as liking the Hunger Games. 

Love this
Our bathroom isn't nearly big enough for this, but I think it would be amazing in a larger room. I love the candles and soap.

Hope everyone finds fabulous ideas on Pinterest this week.
Happy Pinning 


  1. That first one is so true. We have 3 dogs but only 2 of them sleep on the bed with us sometimes. Our scottie loves sleeping on my can be problematic but I don't like moving him!
    I love that HP, LORT, Narnia, Hunger Games pins!
    It's the Journey

  2. YES... that pin about not wanting to move b/c your pet is sleeping on you was so me last night.. and every other night of my life! You know if you move one inch, they'll get up and off you and you miss them cuddling with ya! WAHHHH lol

    I love the desk you pinned too!! I adore the simplicity of using a table as a desk.. very clean and chic!

    xoxo, Bev


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