Monday, July 23, 2012

What Am I Watching

I would do a weekend recap, but our weekend was stunningly boring. Lane had a week from hell last week, and just wanted to relax and watch an entire season of West Wing. I was perfectly happy to oblige. We did make it to the gym and cooked some fantastic meals. Ladies, if you ever want to create a meal that will make a man fall in love with you, this recipe for braised short ribs is delicious and very very easy. 

I am always looking for recommendations for movies to watch on Netflix watch instantly as well as new books. Here are some that I have recently loved. 

The Decoy Bride
The Decoy Bride Poster

This is a British Romantic Comedy that stars the other love of my life David Tennant ( from Doctor Who) and Kelly McDonald (who is the voice of Merida in Brave). This is a great movie if you want something fun and lighthearted to watch. It is your standard chic flick. 

The American Heiress 
By Daisy Goodwin

This is the cure for anyone having Downton Abbey withdrawals. It is very easy to read, and beautifully written. I absolutely loved this book. 


I am sure that lots of you have already seen this raunchy cartoon show. However, if you haven't ( and can handle a fair amount of depravity) I think it is hilarious. 

I always looking for recommendations so if you found something on Netflix you love, please send it my way. 


  1. my husband is obsessed with Archer! He can be heard quoting it all the time. I once watched every episode of Battlestar Galactica on Netflix. It took me a while. Pretty good show.*

  2. We LOVE Archer...LOL I think we have seen all the episodes though. My husband thought it was funny to buy some Old Spice Shower stuff called "Danger Zone."


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