Sunday, July 1, 2012

Drive-In Movie

I decided to complete the social media experience and joined twitter. If any of my lovely readers have twitter, please leave me your user name so I can come see what you're up to. I would also love y'all to come follow me at MollyEPratt.

Lane and I went to the Drive-In last night to see Brave. Our friends have a pick-up truck so we all laid out blankets and enjoyed the movie. Lane wore his tartan kilt from the wedding in honor of the Scottish setting of the movie.

I loved Brave. I thought it was funny and meaningful. Have any of y'all seen it?

Please let me know if y'all are on twitter, and follow me if you like. 

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  1. I just joined twitter not too long ago. My name is MrsArmyAmy.

    I haven't seen Brave, but I'd like to. It looks so cute. How cool that your husband got dressed up for the occasion!*


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