Sunday, July 15, 2012

Heading Home

It has been a wonderful week. We are heading back to New York today, and I am sad to be leaving Virginia. It was lovely to visit so many friends and family. We made it down to Lexington as well as Blacksburg. Asha does not like the heat and we spent a significant amount of time trying to find places which would allow a dog inside. Here are a few pictures from our trip. 

Lane and Asha on the VMI parade deck. 

I have been trying to make an effort to wear my wedding shoes more often. They were way too expensive to only wear once. They are very comfortable and look great with a variety of different outfits. If any readers are looking for great wedding flats, I highly recommend the Kate Spade Florina. 

Asha was stepped on by one of Lane's mom's alpacas. She was very unhappy and her whines break my heart. The air conditioning stopped working on Saturday, and it was sweltering. Despite being born and raised in Georgia, these few months in New York have removed all my tolerance for humidity. 

I have missed the blogging world these last few days. I promise I will be better about responding to comments and actually commenting myself. I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend. 


  1. Poor Asha! My doggie prefers cold and snowy weather. I bet Asha will be happy as a clam when the cold, winter weather rolls around.*

  2. I absolutely love your wedding shoes!!! The flower is totes adorbs!!!!


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