Friday, July 20, 2012

Happy Friday (A Little Late)

I really meant to write this earlier, but Asha decided to go a houseplant destroying spree. I don't really know how she managed to find each of them, but they were her chosen victims today. There were still loads of wonderful things that happened this week despite my puppy's plant-persecution. I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five Friday. 

1. I started advising on Fort Drum. I had been working at the main campus in town, but started on post this week. I absolutely loved it. The days fly by because I have a new appointment every house. I really feel like I am making a positive difference for these soldiers and family members. Helping people figure out how they are going to get their degree is really rewarding. 

She just wanted to cuddle after getting back from the vet. 
2. Asha was very sick on Tuesday morning but thankfully she is fine. I think she just eats too fast and doesn't actually chew anything. After three hours at the vet she is great today. So high five that it wasn't something more serious than an upset stomach. 

3. Yay for dressing up for work. I absolutely love blue and black together. I didn't realize until just now that my black t-shirt is covered in dog hair. Clearly outfit posts are not my thing. 

4. Whoever it is that posts Comic Con panels on YouTube. This might make me the biggest nerd in the world but I have loved watching the Big Bang Theory and Game of Thrones panels. 

5. My husband has been working like crazy this week and will be gone a lot in the next few weeks. I am happy that we got to spend some time together last night. 

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  1. I love the blue pants! Your job sounds really cool. Can you advise me? I could use a lot of help in that department!*


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