Tuesday, July 3, 2012

Almost the 4th

We are starting our Fourth of July celebrations tonight here in Watertown. I can't wait to enjoy the Syracuse Symphony Orchestra and relax with a picnic. We are bringing books and arriving quite early so we can get a good spot. Thompson Park is gorgeous and I know it will be a blast. 

I hope this crazy weather hasn't affected too many of y'all. I know so many of my friends in D.C were without power for days. My In-Laws had a massive tree fall in their yard. Power outages coupled with 104 degree days are a dangerous combination. Be safe! 

My Instagram obsession has not calmed down. I love being able to snap pictures throughout my days. Considering Asha is my constant companion, most end up being of her. 

Asha decided that I wasn't good enough at cracking Lane's back. She showed me how. 

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I can't wait for tonight and tomorrow's continuation of the celebrations at Sackets Harbor. 
Happy (Early) 4th of July =) 

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  1. My cousin has been without power for 3 days. She said they were going to the movies and the mall during the day for the a/c and sleeping in the basement at night. I can't imagine how stressful that has got to be.*


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