Saturday, July 28, 2012

Opening Ceremonies

Happy Saturday! I know that some of y'all probably caught that Olympic Opening Ceremonies last night. I was certainly watching. I thought that it was really interesting and a little weird at some parts. 

The kids in their beds was kind of strange, but I loved Mary Poppins coming in to save all the children from He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named. 

daniel craig olympics

The skit with the Queen and Daniel Craig as James Bond was amazing. She is such a good sport.

The "Queen" skydiving in 

The rings being forged was an absolutely gorgeous scene. 


Also, I was not a huge fan of the uniforms for the United States. I know there was a huge scandal over them being made in China, but I just didn't think they were stylish at all. On the other hand, I loved what the ladies of Belgium wore. 

Not so much a fan of the Czech Republic's Rain Boots and knee length spandex. 

Photos are from here and here

I have planned my day around being home to watch Michael Phelps compete with Ryan Lochte at 2:30. I found the NBC schedule super confusing, but Huffington Post has one here that was much easier to figure out. 

My guest post went live yesterday. If anyone wants to read about my love of trays, head over here


  1. I loved the opening ceremonies. I thought it started off kind of strange with all the people milling about on the grass, but the more it went on, the more I liked it. The forging of the rings, lighting of the torch, and final fireworks were my favorite parts.

    I agree that the team USA clothes weren't very flattering. And the berets? I don't get it.*

  2. I wasn't sure if team USA wanted to show their appreciation for the French with the berets? It wasn't the best. But by far, not the worst dressed team by a long shot.

    Also, thanks for the schedule that us laypeople can understand. My plan was just to never leave the tv so not to miss a single moment.


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