Monday, July 16, 2012

Back Up North

Lane and I returned to New York Sunday night. The drive back was pretty easy, and Asha was very well behaved. In all honesty, it was exhausting to have her at my in-laws' house. We have a fenced in yard and can leave the door open all day. Their neighbors in Virginia have horses, sheep, not to mention their own alpacas. Asha got stepped on by an alpaca and almost ran into  pasture of horses. She also did her business on their carpet at least three times. I know she is just a baby, but man it was stressful. She can also open screen doors, which does not lend itself to keeping her un-squashed. 

I've realized that 99% of my pictures are of Asha. So for your daily quotient of adorable husky, here she is: 



Lane and Asha like to cuddle. It is pretty much the cutest thing ever.  Her pose is not the most lady-like in the last picture, I apologize. 


Asha is generally great in the car. She just curls up and sleeps most of the time. She has also gotten better at staying in her crate. 


The air conditioning stopped working at Lane's parents' house on Saturday night. Asha discovered that sitting in front of the fan was the best place to be. 


Our night in D.C was broiling hot. Barnes and Noble allows dogs to come into the store as long as you don't go into the cafe area. Asha discovered the cool tile and was in heaven. She passed out and didn't move for our entire stay in the store. 


Man I love the Virginia countryside. We took Asha for walks down the gravel road several times. 

I am excited to get back to work and start lesson planning for my classes. I start teaching in a month and a half which is terrifying. 

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  1. You are lucky. My dog is a complete spazz in the car. I need to have one hand one him the whole time. He loves the car, he just goes bananas the entire time.*


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