Monday, July 30, 2012

My Dog Rocks

Yes she is the cutest thing in the whole world 

This weekend was pretty focused on Asha. She finished all her vaccines this week so we have been at the dog park at least twice a day. It gives her a chance to socialize with other dogs, and get loads of exercise. An added benefit is that I have met so many new women from around the neighborhood. It is really nice to recognize more people as I take her for walks, and get to know my neighbors. Making friends as adults can be sometimes tricky, but Asha is the best ice breaker imaginable.

Asha hung out with two great danes and had an absolute blast. She had no concept of the fact that they were  80 lbs heavier than her. She tried to steal their toys and jump on top of them.

I am ready for Lane to get home. We have another few days till he is out of the field, but I am ready for him to get back. I have been so spoiled since September with seeing him all the time. When we were still long distance going a week and a half was nothing. Two-three months was the average time, and I could breeze through it. I need to toughen back up before deployment.

I finally finished our wedding albums and should get the last one in the mail tomorrow or Wednesday. I am relieved to have them done but have a feeling I may make one more. I didn't have enough room to put all the family portraits in a book, and I love the pictures from after the ceremony. Candid photographs are great, but there is something timeless about the traditional family all standing together photo. My lovely readers ( the married ones anyway), what did y'all do for your wedding photographs? If you made albums do you find yourself going back to look through them? 

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  1. I made a Snapfish photo album with my wedding pics, and we go back and look though it all the time!

    You are smart to socialize your pooch while she is little. I didn't do that, and now my dog is a spazz. When I take him to the dog park, he ignores the other doggies and instead plays with the people.*


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