Saturday, July 7, 2012

Blog Housekeeping

I like to check my blog stats ever few weeks. Even though I haven't written about it in forever, I get tons of Google results for people looking for information on Ranger School. If anyone stumbles upon my little corner of the internet and has a question, please please please e-mail me. I love talking about my limited Army experience. Ranger School is a weird and confusing experience. I never quite knew what going to happen, and I would love to help anyone else going through the same thing.

team tardis  #TARDIS

Also, Doctor Who fans rock my world. That is another common search and makes me deliriously happy. 

I am really approachable (and I try to respond to all my comments) so please contact me if you have questions. 

More housekeeping; I am always very sad when I go to respond to a comment and there isn't an e-mail address. I can't tell you how many e-mails I have sent off to the dreaded no-reply blogger e-mail address. This Blog has fantastic instructions for changing your profile.

These aren't actual links. The link below has the sources for all these buttons. 
I used This fantastic tutorial to add the fun social media icons to my sidebar. I have tried several times, but this is the first time it has actually worked for me. I love the look of the icons.

I am relieved to finally have my icons sorted out. I like that I was able to pick and choose which icons I wanted to have on the blog. 


  1. I like those icons! Might have to steal... ;)

  2. You know what.. I had NO idea that the no-reply blogger email thingy was connected to my email responses. I have two gmail accounts set up.. one for my personal, and then later created one for my blog. SO I think I messed one up, but as soon as I work on my updates on my blog (sooooon) I'll see about changing that setting!!

    Thanks for the heads up gooorl!! XOXO


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