Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Office Wear

UPDATE: I had all sorts of aspirations of taking outfit pictures and adding to this post. However, my dog woke up puking and has been sick all day. Instead of blogging, I sat at the vet for three hours. I should return to my normal blogging schedule tomorrow.

My grown-up clothes have been in plastic bins for almost a year. Although I adored working at Barnes and Noble, it didn't require dressing up. I've missed my pencil skirts and loafers. As a professor and academic adviser, I get to dress up a little bit more. I love getting dressed up. Even in my daily life I tend more toward skirts than jeans. Here are some of the looks that are inspiring my office wear this summer. They are all from my Looks I Love Board on Pinterest. 

One of my favorite looks is a sheath dress topped my a blazer. 
Love this look

I am absurdly long waisted, so I really like high-waisted skirts that even out my proportions. 

Lovely mixing patterns

I also love to use belts to define my waist over sweaters and blouses. 



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