Monday, July 9, 2012

His and Hers

People always say that over time spouses start to dress more like one another. I never thought this would happen with Lane and I. However, I recently noticed that we have several items in common. 

His and Her Converse and His and Her New Balance Minimus. 

He actually grabbed my shoes for PT one day. Hilarity ensued. 

We have the same phone too. Luckily they are different colors. 

We are both Moleskin addicts. The four on the right are my date book, meal planning notebook, workout log, and general notebook. He just has the one on the right ( Clearly not as addicted as me). 

We both rock Ray-bans as well. I have had my Wayfarers for years but he prefers aviators. 

Do y'all find that over time you start to pick up the same habits and items as your spouses?



  1. I too love moleskins and those raybans are too cute! I wish you guys lived closer, total double date material!

  2. FRIEND!!! I missed you!!! Thanks for hosting that lovely wedding lesson guest post b/c it ROCKED!! If you haven't read em yet, people loved it and your whole layout of the lessons... and I SHO did myself!!

    So funny you guys have similar things... pairs of things. I'm the same way with my hubs (oh yea!!)... we just differentiate things in color. The good news is that you both have the cutest shades, so you can swap em out b/c I can see both pairs on your or him!!

    Can't wait to catch up! xoxo


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