Thursday, March 7, 2013

Working For The Weekend

Yay for Friday. This work week was a blur of messed up financial aid, nervous students, and so many calls to student records they recognize my voice. It is always like this the few weeks before classes start, but it seems to still take me by surprise. 

In celebration of all things Friday, I am linking up with Lauren at From My Grey Desk for High Five For Friday. 
1. I feel like my eating has gotten back on track this week. I have been focusing on bringing healthy snacks to work and making sure I eat breakfast. I do have to admit though, paleo have given way to more gluten free. There is no good excuse, other than cooking all the time for one person sucks. I am still eating loads of fruits and veggies and feel pretty good. 

2. High Five for a bit of a break. I was contracted to teach another political science class in the second part of the semester. However, due to low enrollment the class was cancelled. I can't say I am super upset. I am really excited to have more time to work out and relax. Especially as the weather starts to warm up. 

3. As always, a big high five for beautiful paper products. I impulsively bought this gorgeous print from the Southern Weddings Magazine shop. It isn't exactly our wedding vows, but it is pretty darn close. Also, Lane called me "My Beloved" when he proposed, so the first line has even more meaning to me. I framed our wedding vows a while ago, and they hang in our bedroom. This will make the perfect addition to that gallery. 

4.  My Big Bang Theory care package is being featured on Love From Home. One of my goals for the deployment has been to do more blog networking. I have been doing more pinning to Pinterest from the blog and am interested in doing more guest posting. This is the perfect step in this direction.

5. High Five for spin class. I started going again last week, and love my Friday morning class. It is such a good workout and I feel absolutely great. I am so ready to get some serious gym time in over the next few weeks. I want to be healthy, happy and glowing when Lane comes back.

I have so many great plans for this weekend. Time with friends, trips to TJ Maxx and trips to the dog park with Asha. Hope y'all have a wonderful weekend too =) 


  1. Is spin class a good workout? I've been thinking about joining but I have no idea if it would kill me or not.

    Love the vow print! So cute!

  2. omg i've been dying to try a spin class out!!! i heard they're so intense, but i have yet to try out an official SPIN class!!!

    happy friday dear! xo, bev

  3. Those biscuits look awesome...With spring break this week I may have to take some time and bake them! Thanks for sharing!


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