Sunday, March 10, 2013

For Cold Weather

I truly feel that the most important thing about dealing with cold weather is how you dress. This post is not at all about being cute or fashionable, this is purely for staying warm when the temperature dips below zero. I have picked up  a few tips in my year at Fort Drum, and I hope someone can learn from my trial and error.

The greatest thing I have found is fleece lined leggings. I got mine on super sale online, but I know Urban Outfitters also has them. I wear mine under pretty much everything. They are thick and opaque enough to be worn as regular leggings. They are so toasty, and make winter trips to the dog park much more manageable.

Now for wellies. I have two main shoes in the winter. I am either wearing my Hunter wellies or L.L Bean duck boots. I highly recommend both of them. Neither are super warm on their own, but they are heaven paired with the alpaca socks. 

I also have several pairs of alpaca socks. Now, my mother-in-law has alpacas, so she gets me socks from her friends who also raise alpacas for their fiber. I am pretty sure you can find them online or at outdoor stores. They are so warm, and comfortable. I wear mine to bed sometimes, and around the house to keep my feet warm. 

My Anne Taylor Loft Snood/ Infinity Scarf is one of my all time favorite purchases. I bought it one freezing cold D.C day, and it has been my constant companion ever since. It is warm, and cozy, and can be wrapped around my head in several different ways. 

The last item is a long sleeve Henley or thermal shirt. I recommend that everyone get something like this just as a foundation layer. I will start off my outfits with a long sleeve thermal and fleece leggings, then decide what pretty things I want to wear on top. This ensures that I am warm regardless of what else I decide to throw on. 

Hope this helped anyone heading up my corner of the frozen north, or just looking for some ways to stay toasty for the rest of winter. 

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