Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Maybe It's Spring?

I am cautiously optimistic about the weather. The sun was out yesterday and I only needed a light jacket and a hat. This could also be because I have gotten so used to being freezing that 30 degrees feels balmy. I really do love living in Northern New York, but man am I ready for warm weather.

I am linking up with Jaime for What I Am Loving Wednesday

1. I am loving the feeling I get when that little green dot of availability pops up next to my husband's name on facebook chat. It reminds of chatting with him on AIM in high school. Do y'all remember AOL Instant Messenger? Back in high school we would spend hours chatting on AIM during study hours. We both went to boarding school, and back in the dark ages cell phones were not allowed. 

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2. My giveaway! Y'all should go back to my post here (or just scroll down) and enter. Melissa has truly beautiful photographs that would make perfect additions to your home or as a gift. 


3. My sweet southern phrase cards arrived this week. I ordered them from the Southern Weddings Magazine shop. I am going to frame all three of them together and can't wait to see how it comes out. The Oh My Darlin is my favorite. 

4. This happy girl. She has gotten two baths so far this week because of all the mud at the dog park. She loves getting all muddy, but hates the bath that comes next.

5. We officially passed 25% of the deployment done. Whoo hooo. I just need to push through to 33%. Then it's a quick hop to 50% done. I feel good and positive about surviving and thriving throughout this darn thing.

Happy Wednesday lovely ladies =)  


  1. Love those southern cards. Yay for being 25% done with employment! He will be back before you know it :)

  2. AIM! Oh yes I remember that. I remember it being so cool to post an away message that said exactly what you were doing. Gag.

  3. those cards are adorable! My pups love digging in the mud for the moles that live in our back yard but hate bathes too!

  4. Yes! AIM was our lifeline! (Only for us t was Jr high :p) and oh my goodness husky baths. we've worked out a pretty good system and he doesny tru to jump out too often anymore, thankfully, but I still remember the howls as a puppy!


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