Friday, March 8, 2013

Deployment Week Seven

I really feel like I was just sitting down to write out week six. If time wants to keep moving this fast, that is just peachy with me. This week was overall pretty good. Work was still hectic, but it was a good week. 

Happy Picture

This is one of my favorites from our engagement pictures. It was one of the last photos we took, just as the sun was starting to go down. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am thankful for feeling useful. I feel like my job has saved me from some of the pitfalls military spouses typically fall into during deployment. I can't lie around and feel sad, because I have to get my booty up and go to work.

2. I am grateful for afternoons sitting in the window at Starbucks. I got some serious grading done, and felt a nice sense of calm. Coffee shops have always been my place of solace. It is where Lane and I have gone on hundreds of casual dates. It is where I would do all of my studying in college and graduate school.

3. I am grateful when my favorite song comes on the radio right as I am turning on my car. Current favorites are "God Gave Me You", "Would You Go With Me", and the new Darius Rucker version of "Wagon Wheel".

4. I am thankful for paleo biscuits with butter and jam. It is perhaps the most comforting and nurturing food in existence.

5. I am grateful that Asha is getting even more cuddly as she gets older. She has always been interested in belly rubs, but spooning wasn't really her thing. Recently however, I have woken up to her curled up either behind my legs or against my belly. It is the sweetest thing in the whole world. I think she knows here mama needs some extra loving.

6. I am grateful for my battle buddy Shannon. Hi Shannon =) We are basically in a relationship and see each other every day. Our dogs get a long and she has been such a wonderful support for me.

DIY-Ing It Through Deployment 
I am still on the framing train. I am supposed to get a bunch of stuff back from Michaels today, so hopefully those will get put up this weekend. I promise this section is going to get a lot more interesting when it isn't freezing outside.

This week was marked by lots of short and sweet conversations with Lane. I have been falling asleep super early, which cuts out our evening chat. Our afternoon check-in has been fairly consistent, but I had so many students need test make-ups and other drama that it seemed a little rushed some days. Honestly I am ok with this. The days we can only say "Hello, I love you, You're My Favorite" make me more appreciative of the long conversations we are able to have.
 I am thrilled to be close to the two months mark. Month One went by so much faster than Month Two. I think Month Three will be a bit slow, but I am hoping it will pick up after that. My first goal was to make it to April. I am getting there, and can't wait for the warm weather. I am excited for drinking wine on patios and talking about the future with Shannon.

Lots of love to anyone stopping by =) 


  1. I love your gratitude posts. It's so uplifting and a positive way to go through a deployment! Keep it up :)


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