Friday, March 15, 2013

High Five Because It's Over

1. High Five for my sweet girl's birthday. I might have gone slightly overboard with the sweet potato/bacon doggie cake. The bacon # 1 cake topper was the best part of the whole process. I made three of them to share with Shannon's dogs. All three loved them and devoured them in less than a minute. 

2. This starts off horrifying, but I promise there is a happy ending. I had my final exam on Tuesday night. My students did fine and I planned to grade the majority of them over the weekend. Well Wednesday afternoon I find out that grades are due Thursday at noon. Now this is about 39 hours after I just had my final exam. I go into a full panic attack mode and start grading like a machine. Thursday rolls around and I am nowhere near ready. I plan out my pleading e-mail to student records and head into work. Upon my arrival I am greeted with a note that states "Whoops, sorry for the mix-up grades are due in a week". So High Five for having another week to finish grading. No high five for the initial communication failure that ruined my Wednesday night.

3. The commissary has started stocking Food Should Taste Good  sweet potato chips. These are delicious and gluten free. They are made with sunflower oil and really tasty.

4. High Five for 20% of the deployment down. I just have to forge on till 25% and I feel like that is a pretty major milestone. After that I am focusing on hitting the 33% mark. These smaller bite sized goals make the deployment seem much more manageable.

5. Finally, just High Five that this week is over. It was brutal. Between Tuition Assistance being suspended, and giving my final exam, it was rough. 


  1. Um, that pupcake is adorable! Great job! Our pup-pups' birthday was the weekend before SoldierMan left, when we did our "Christmas," so they got Christmas/Birthday presents of 3-foot-long rawhide "candy canes."

  2. happy birthday to your sweet presh baby girl!!!! xoxoxox

  3. What a hectic week! Glad the whole final grade thing was a mix up after all! We just adopted a 3 month old puppy and I am already mentally planning his first birthday lol!

  4. Oh my goodness, how did you make that cake? My dogs would absolutely love it!


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