Tuesday, March 26, 2013

What Have I Learned

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Today I want to write about life lessons. I have been trying to focus on what this deployment is teaching me, and it's made me think about what I have learned from other jobs and life experiences. 

Only reinforced the fact that my husband has the incredible ability to demonstrate infinite love and adoration through the shortest, simplest instant messages. 

Ranger School 
There is a line from Twilight (please don't judge me) "Anticipation so intense it was very nearly pain". That is the best summation of Ranger School. It also convinced me that the anxiety associated with possibly missing phone calls is unbearable for me. Lane and I have talked on the phone once since he left. E-mail and instant messenger work much better for us. 

Working at the Pentagon 
Sometimes things are exactly as cool as you would imagine they are. Swiping my ID card and walking into that building was exactly as cool as you would think. I also learned the importance of relationships and how small the Army truly is. 

Working at Barnes and Noble 
People who love books are the best people in the world. You can feel like you've known someone for years just because you share the same preferences about books or have a book you both love.

What are some of the lessons y'all have learned from different jobs or life experiences? 


  1. Did working at B&N ruin the place for you? I am considering applying but don't want it to take away my love for spending time there.

    Lessons I've learned from multiple jobs in food service: don't go out to eat with kids. If you do, don't let them eat rice as it will end up everywhere. Your server is working very, very hard - so just be nice to them and tip very generously even if your service wasn't quite as you hoped it would be. You will make their day with a generous tip!

    Lessons learned from being a reporter ... the world isn't as big as it seems. A lot of news isn't really news, but everyone is on edge competing to be first and best ... which often leads to shabby reporting. And so many more. -Chelsea

    1. Working at Barnes and Noble made me love it even more. It is an AWESOME company to work for. They have great managers and working there only magnified my love for B&N. I totally second the lessons from working in food service. I was a waitress all though college and as I result I am a very generous tipper.

      Thanks for your awesome comment =)


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