Saturday, March 2, 2013

Deployment Week Six

I have gotten a few new followers this week (Hello! I am so glad y'all are here) so I wanted to explain again what these posts are. My husband is a soldier, and currently deployed to Afghanistan. I do weekly deployment check-ins so I can track my feelings throughout the next eight months. I have three main features; Happy Picture, Deployment Gratitude, and DIY-It Through Deployment.

Happy Picture 

I am changing it up and doing this part first. This is from Ring Figure weekend back in 2009. My husband attended Virginia Military Institute and they have a huge party when they receive their class rings. I got that pink dress for a couple bucks at Plato's Closet. Ring Figure was such a fun weekend, and I love looking back at all my pictures. 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful for escapist Netflix marathons.
 I have moved from White Collar to Scandal and plan to start Gossip Girl next. Also, I will be eternally grateful to the insanely handsome Matthew Bomer. Would anyone complain if all my blogs have his picture at the very top? No one? Ok good 

2. I am grateful for conversations about our future with my husband.
 I like checking in and making sure that we are on the same page about what we want in the years to come. I think I am turning him into a planner. I make highly complex timelines and charts for everything in my life. Lane used to make fun of my planning, but I am starting to think it has rubbed off on him. 

3. I am grateful for the long-range planning aspect of my job. 
Now this may seem silly, but bear with me. Part of working in academics means that we are already sketching out on plans for the fall. So when I am actively talking about August and September at work, it makes me feel like Lane's redeployment isn't that far away.

4. I am grateful that all the girl scout cookies are gone.
Do I want to think about the fact that I bought two boxes for myself and they didn't last a week? Nope

5. I am grateful that I have an awesome FRG.
I am just really lucky that I love all the women in the FRG. A bunch of us go to the gym together, and it is really nice to see them socially. I know so many women that don't have this same rapport within their FRG's, and I am so grateful for their support and encouragement.

DIY-Ing it Through Deployment 
I am still focusing on getting stuff framed. Y'all, custom framing is not cheap. I think until this is over my other projects are going to be put on hold. Tomorrow I am taking Lane's diploma, my new ATL print, and few other things. Only two need custom frames so I am hoping to make the best of a Michael's 50% off coupon for the others.

General Mood 
This week was really good. I was really tired all week which complicated my late night chats with my husband. I would valiantly try to stay awake till he was online, but only made it two nights this week. I taught my favorite four book chapters this week, which makes teaching so much more enjoyable. I am contracted to teach another class starting in the middle of March. As of now it only has one person signed up, so there is a pretty good chance it will get canceled. I am conflicted about that.
I like most aspects of teaching, and the extra money would be nice. However, I have been really tired and stressed recently. It is funny to think that I used to work 40 hours a week and go to grad school full time. I am barely doing half of that now and I feel overwhelmed.
Things that weren't important then are important now. I want time to go to the gym. I want time to go to the dog park and give Asha the attention she needs. Before I could be totally selfish. I was enormously unhealthy, existing almost entirely on coffee and whatever food was left in the graduate student lounge. That is not my life now.

I am dog sitting this weekend and having a blast so far. It is really nice for Asha to have other dogs to play with. My life is much easier when she is entertained.

Altogether, week six was pretty darn good. I am looking forward to hitting the two month mark, and hopefully having some warmer weather.

Happy Saturday =) 

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