Sunday, March 17, 2013

Deployment Week Eight

This week was rough. It had nothing to do with deployment though. I feel like Lane and I are great. Communication is still good and I feel so proud of ourselves. While deployment stress is totally under control, work was really rough this week. The suspension of Tuition Assistance meant that I had to have a crash course in other forms of financial aid. My class had their final exam on Tuesday, and I have been trying to force myself to grade all weekend. I love teaching, but I hate grading. 

Happy Picture 

High School Lane and Molly. This picture cracks me up =) 

Deployment Gratitude 
1. I am grateful for friends who swooped in to help me out this week. People made me dinner and generally supported me in this rough week. 
2. I am thankful for a group of friends who all love to workout. I rarely go to the gym without seeing someone I know. Being in a culture of healthy behavior is awesome. Part of my social life involves going to the gym. 
3. I am grateful for my sweet pup and the fact that she is so healthy and (relatively) well behaved. Celebrating her 1st birthday was really fun. 
4. I am grateful for the financial boost deployment brings. We have been making awesome progress toward our goals. As of today we are almost half way to our goal of paying off $20,000 of debt during deployment. I am going to keep pushing ahead until we hit that goal. Then I am going to start putting a little bit more in our honeymoon fund while still working on bringing down our debt. 
5. I am so thankful for an awesome FRG coffee group. So many of my friends don't have that support, and  I a so grateful to the women in my group for their support and advice. 

Deployment Projects 
I feel like I actually made some progress this week. I got a few gold chargers from Shannon and placed them above the kitchen cabinets. I think it helps fill in that area and help tie the kitchen in with the breakfast room. I also got a few of my frames back. My ATL print, Lane's diploma and my Georgetown diploma all came back from the framers. It feels good to fill in some of my blank walls. 

My Old Try ATL print. ( Say Hay Tea Ale with a super southern accent)

Lane's giant VMI diploma.

I also finally finished of my bedroom projects. I bought large cardboard letters and painted them a light blue color. They are now hung up with our wedding guest book print. This was a good week for house projects. I am excited about having a few things to work on in the next few weeks. My friend is selling me her old coffee table that I am going to turn into a padded coffee table/ottoman for the living room. I am so ready for the weather to improve so I can start working in the garage again and make some progress on all my outdoor projects. 

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  1. During our last deployment I always said everyday your another day closet to being in each others arms! You will get through it together! :) just keep busy! If you need to talk let me know! I'm here for you! :)


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