Friday, March 22, 2013


After a week of being really stressed out and really frazzled, I finally feel normal and centered again. It's funny how easily deployment can start to seem overwhelming when other parts of my life get stressful. The calm, centered, and positive Molly is back and ready to face the rest of the week.

Big Ben, London, England 8x10 Print- Travel Photography
1. High Five for the amazing giveaway I have starting on Monday. The lovely Melissa at New Girl On Post is kind enough to let me giveaway one of her gorgeous prints. This incredible photograph from London is on my wishlist. Go check out her shop and come back on Monday ready to win!

2. High Five for a truly wonderful unit. Y'all, I am so very grateful to everyone in my husband's unit. I mentioned to the SCO's wife that I hadn't seen any pictures of him, and first thing yesterday morning there was a big smiling photo of him celebrating his birthday. All of the women are so wonderful and I feel so lucky.

3. This morning deserves its own high five. I got up, made a tasty breakfast of paleo pancakes and a smoothie. Then I headed to spin and burned some serious calories. Now I am happily back in bed, letting my hair soak in an almond mint mask and watching Vampire Diaries. 

4. High Five for free DIY projects. My office was throwing away this cork board and I snapped it up to go in my kitchen. I love having pictures and notes pinned up, but my fridge was getting a little crowded. This is the perfect addition. 

5. And finally, a big, huge, mega high five for Tuition Assistance being restored for active duty soldiers. I am so relieved that I can get back to doing my job and not worry that budget cuts will leave me unemployed. I am thrilled for all the Fort Drum soldiers who will be able to take classes this summer. Whoo hoooo! 

What are y'all grateful for this beautiful Friday morning? 

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  1. The quality of the unit can make or break a deployment experience. So happy that you have one you like. We loved our unit (3-71 Cav) during our Ft. Drum days, way back when. :)


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