Monday, March 4, 2013

It All Started With A Big Bang

So before deployment I assumed that I would maybe send one or two care packages a month. I have clearly become possessed, because I am averaging one per week. Some of it is stuff Lane asks for, but the majority is just tasty things I think he would like. A few weeks ago I sent out my first themed care package. My husband reads my blog sometimes ( Hi Honey!) so I didn't want to blog about it until he had received the package. 

This was the first hint I posted to Instagram. 

Can anyone get it just from a fluffy cat card and a science magazine? 

This was the start of my Big Bang Theory care package. It was important to me that I not send Lane random things that fit my theme, but would be completely useless in Afghanistan. I decided to stick to things he would like, but add a BBT spin to them. Obviously, the card is a nod to soft kitty. I also wrote the lyrics for the theme song around the edges of the box.

I included things like freeze dried fruit (grown up version of astronaut ice cream), chocolate, tea, and other necessities I thought he might want. I tied them all into the BBT theme by using quotes from the show. I used this awesome website to find quotes that related to my treats. So on the box of tea I taped a note card with the following quote:

Amy: So, you feeling better?
Penny: Not really.
Amy: Sheldon, you have a guest who’s upset.
Sheldon: Right. I’ll make tea.
Penny: Oh, sweetie, it’s okay. I don’t want tea.
Sheldon: I’m sorry. It’s not optional.
I like this method because it allows me to include things I would be sending anyway, but still stay within my theme. 
I really enjoyed making this care package, and I am already thinking of some cute (but still useful) package themes for the future.

I would love any ideas for care packages y'all have done. Obviously, Heather is the care package queen so if you ever need ideas you should hop over to her blog.  


  1. Oh my goodness I love this!! My fiance is a BBT fan too, so I could definitely see me doing this in the future! I bet Lane just loves all those packages!! :)

  2. Do you read Jo My Gosh? She posts tons of care packages if you are looking for inspiration.


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