Saturday, April 28, 2012

Summer Concerts


I haven't used polyvore in years, but felt inspired to put together an outfit for summer concerts. Lane and I have tried to go to as many outdoor summer concerts as possible. I love tailgating before hand, hanging out with a huge group and just generally enjoying all that is summer. 

We have gone to Brad Paisley a few times and saw Toby Keith on September 11th 2010. The place was practically exploding with patriotism. I would absolutely wear something like the above outfit to a summer concert. Sometimes sandals can be risky if it rains, but I am assuming the weather will be perfect. We are going to see Blake Shelton in July, and I think this outfit would be adorable.


Any fun summer concerts y'all are planning on attending? Happy Weekend! 

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  1. love to concert outfit choice, casual but super cute!! :) great blog you have here :):) please come check mine out some time


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