Wednesday, April 25, 2012

24 Hours of Blackout

I am still in Atlanta at my parent's house. Our router wasn't working yesterday morning, and I spent almost two hours trying to get it fixed. Bless my parent's hearts, but they are not the most internet savvy people in the world. It shocking because my mom is practically a professional blogger. (She has an online column for the newspaper). We finally have internet and I can reconnect to the world.

My Siblings

 My Whole Family (minus the husband) 

I have been driving my siblings around to their various activities and getting a sense of what the life of a soccer mom is like. Braving Atlanta rush hour traffic to take my brother to tennis is not something I want to do on a regular basis. I have had a great time with my family but am so excited to get back to my husband and NEW HOUSE! This is the first Wednesday I have missed Oh How Pinteresting since I started this blog. The lack of internet gave me more time to read and chat with my mom. I read a few books and relaxed around my beloved Decatur.


This weekend I attended a wedding and a funeral. The wedding was such a joyous occasion and celebrated two lives joining together to move forward as one. Sunday there was a funeral for a guy I grew up with. I haven't been to a funeral for someone my age, and it was devastating. He will never have the chance to get married and celebrate with his family. After the funeral, my family went out together and spent a few hours just hanging around and talking. I cherish moments like these. I am living so far away now, and will rarely have the chance to spend a lazy Sunday afternoon with my family.

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