Thursday, April 5, 2012


I am going to a job fair today and feel the need to put some awesome vibes into the universe. 

Now I know that political beliefs may cloud your impression of this picture. However, it is irrefutably awesome to be looking this boss in the back of a C-17. Sunglasses on and laying the smack down to Bashar Assad ( No idea what she is really doing. Possibly playing Words With Friends). Sadly, I don't know where this picture is from. I saw it floating around facebook. 

a Lego freakin awesome is this?!
My husband would die of happiness if I made this cake. I am scared to predict the mountains of Lego which will appear once we have children. 

So any time someone combines Doctor Who and Harry Potter, I melt. I know it has been an extremely nerdy week here on the blog. I blame the hours of tumblr.

Who's in charge here?
I find this so adorable. Little girls bossing around big burly Marines is indubitably awesome. 

damn straight
A little How I Met Your Mother reference. I am hoping to bring the awesome tomorrow. Enough awesome to make someone drop to their knees and offer me a full time job paying absurd amounts of money. That totally happens right? 


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